My First Anus Fuccker

In the class room when I was 9 he stood behind me and rubbed his front so that I could feel his huge ****.I thought it was accidental but he repeated it 3 more times He was sly and let none else notice it.Gradually he made feel semi hard **** which he seemed to prising and prodding my anus crack.After10 minutes he asked me to go with him out to a field for urinating.We moved away 200 metres. He lifted his shorts and asked me if his **** was big.I said it was much bigger than my ****.Then he peeled his foreskin to expose his glans and big urethra opening.He asked me to show my ****.When i did he handled it trying to peel foreskin.i had to be taught ************ and importance of big **** in entering male or female and childbirth .Then gradually he took me to lonely places where he taught me **** sucking importace of applying spit in gay ****.He also taught me get gagged roughly.I was thrilled .One day beside a stream he asked me to **** explaing that it will be good.After that I became naked and waited in doggy position.I was too thrilled .His **** was swollen after my suck .He put spit and inserted finger in my anus sending pleasure.He said he was making sure i could take him.Then he penetrate me in brutal manner knowing i deserved it.I started shouting in pain but made no attempt to get away He ****** me chanting obscenities .He savaged me scratching my breasts with his sharp merciless finger nails.I started back thrust at his **** He commented that I am his wife He ****** me with long strokes that hurt.By his use of full **** he made my anus openig sore and bruised.He was so virile that he kept his ***** 40 minutes before spurting.His **** reached and crossed sigmoid colon he told me.He ****** me again after only 10 minutes and lasted 70 minutes I had to lie down in other positions to allow his full **** to cross into colon.Thrice he felt colon **** and withdrew allowing me to **** out reenterig he could push his to end of colon.The boy was a marwari rich boy.He taught me meaning of life.
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Jan 21, 2013