Inclusive Or Exclusive?

I've read so many opinions and replies here and they sound so scary.

I believe in god. I believe that the church is good because it does teach goodness. But the church does not agree with me. That's because the church follows an old tradition that they can't change overnight without falling into chaos. But I don't think i'm wrong in god's eyes because he made me this way. Likewise a bushman in Africa that never has the privilege to know any religion, do you think he is condemn? He was born to hunt, respect nature and maybe pray to the moon. God made him that way and placed him there. So who's fault is it?

My take is that religions are old. They were started in eras when humans were being misled by many other factors. They were writings and teachings to bring people together of that time, to learn about respect and live in harmony. But people whose opinions about being inclusive and exclusive are scary ideas that have been past done for generations. They do not see beyond reasoning and firmly believe they are right and just. The exact same opinion that are still causing wars and terrorism.

Being gay is not a choice. Having butterflies in your stomach when you meet someone you like (same or opposite sex) can't be cultivated. It just is. "Being gay is a choice" is just a lame excuse for people who doesn't know any better other than "i need to go for holy war for my religion". Causing and planting fear in others is the same however you say or do it.

In short, there is nothing wrong with god nor any religion. It's just how some people see it. A lot of gays do many good things and better things than bad christians. We are in an era where things are changing, from no more slavery, burning bras to human rights. Hopefully someday soon this post will sound ridiculous too.
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Well I wanted to say I appreciate your response here. As a gay man I struggle. No one is perfect or without struggles in their lives. Just as the bible said "let he who is without sin cast the first stone" I have to say "let he who is or claims to be perfect stand up now."<br />
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Exactly I bet no one would stand up if I put it that way. The thing you have to realize is yes being gay is not a choice otherwise I would not sit here worrying my butt off about this and I would just turn myself straight. That being said while you say God made you that way well I cannot think of one religion that supports that statement that God made you that way (no disrespect).<br />
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But not one bible or religious book from any religion supports homosexuality as I have seen it. I agree with what your saying here in your statements but I have to keep praying for myself and others. I am not praying because being gay is wrong but because I just want answers so that we can be at peace with Gods direction for our lives. Sure people are becoming more accepting of things but what they realize is that some things in the bible are not meant to be followed anymore while as others are.<br />
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To be really honest and fair here I really am not sure how to honestly respond. I myself am 23 and I identify as Gay and Christian although no where have I accepted myself yet only because of the bible. I honestly have no proof that God made me this way so I cannot says he did unless I had proof. But I respect and support other peoples views when they say God made them born that way.<br />
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Hopefully you find the answers your searching for you in your life. If you need anything I am here for support. God bless for now- John

Thanks for your honest and insightful reply :)
You are right that there is not a single religion that supports homosexuality. Only bad things actually. But we are who we are and as long as we don't harm others, I think we are doing fine :)

Yes there is no proof that god made us this way. The only way to find out is when we meet him in the after life. That is if there is a god in the first place. There is no proof of him either. But we still believe in him because of gut feeling and conscious. And as long as our conscious and gut feeling say that it's not wrong to love another, we should also learn to be more acceptance of ourselves. Hopefully you will find peace in which ever direction that you take.


Thank you. I have taken steps to acceptance just as I hope you will be able to do the same. I pray for you and everyone I talk to in hopes that Gods love can be with us all. Things are not as easy as we hope for but we sure do try and hopefully things just get better for us all. We just need to take it one day at a time and hope for the best. I am at the point of accepting myself and I thank God for all he has done in me. God bless and Cheers man :)