Hello There...i Am A Gay Guy Living In Los Angeles.yes...city Of Angels

I just wat to say some things about my self,for a long time i know i had God in my heart but recently i have just seen the most sick and disturbing evil people and they are straight people well they call themselves men and women but they are everything but men and women because they are capable of the most sick disturbing acts and as far as i know that does not make a man...for God i know they are just good people turning into monsters.that make me change completely my focus in Bible reading...and i discover even that i was gay i was more man than them..and was in this paradox of if God is against homosexuality why i was born this way..?then he gave me the answer the most challenging question was answered...what was that?can not tell because you just like me have to find your own answer why God send you to this world in such a special way...dont be afraid to be gay and Christian because those call themselves straight men some times are more evil than beast...
If you like what i wrote feel free to contact me...blessings
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don't compare yourself with others, then you become better or worse, see yourself in Christ, his love has washed away all your sins, your sorrow, and your sicknesses. take that and make it yours.

I understand what you're saying. Sometimes I justify my issues with lusting for the same sex by telling myself, "But the straight guys are lusting after women. So, it's not like I'm worst than them. I'm just lusting after different type of people." However, I'd much rather not lust at all. We all have sinned, but let our minds be renewed by the Holy Spirit.

Or perhaps you are being too hard on yourself? Say, you find a good-looking lad and thoughts enter into your mind. That in and of itself is not yet a sin. Sin always is an act of free will: certain thoughts pop up in our minds at times that we do not actively seek - these come and go. There is no sin. Sin is committed when we actively accept and pursue such thoughts, thus willingly welcoming evil into our minds.
See, not focusing too much on controlling lust can be as bad as not focusing on it at all. Man is a sexual being, man is a fallen being: it's part of our daily life that we get tempted. The key is never to accept it.