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I'm not religious at all, and do no push Christianity on people but I do consider myself as a gay Christian. I absolutely believe in god, but I don't believe everything in the bible. I often catch myself doubting god. And I know that's wrong of me to do. I never go to church, because I don't feel like you have to go to church to feel gods presence, maybe I'm wrong. I just believe That you can praise god anywhere. Hell, even in a Night Club, although it would be awkwardly weirdly, god has no limits on this planet. I am still in the closet, and I don't know how much more of this I can take. I know that if I were to tell my family that I'm gay they would drift away from me just like logs in a river stream. Their completely Homophobic. Despite all the horrible things they say about gays, lesbians, bi, transgender, I still love them and wish they would be more opened minded people.
Hell will freeze over before that happens though.
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faith without action isnt proof that you believe, you can call yourself christian yet you dont follow the bible. its like wearing a clean shirt over a dirty body, its like being a hypocrite.

No I'm not a hypocrite I don't sit in church then go to the bars the next day. I do have faith in god and i know what he is capable of doing. So yeah I'm from righteous but god says not one is righteous.

faith comes from listening to the word, if you dont believe that everything in the bible is correct, then your just obeying the word in your conditions, not in god's. you are right when you say that no one is righteous, but god ment that as in being born. after all god said that the righteous go to heaven, what he wants us to do is practice in selfcontrol and sacrifice our body and mind for god. If you really had a faith in god, then you would believe his word and sacrifice your feelings for him because you would do it for love.

A Christian you are?


You sound similar to me.

I think we all share the same stories. Or at least bits and pieces. Thanks for ready my story.