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Am I What They Say ?

I am panesexual I am out to my parents and friends my friends find it perfectly fine but my parents find it wrong because we are Christian my mom thinks its just a phase my dad think I don't completely understand , after 3 years he says I don't completely understand really? He said he thinks I need help because Jesus doesn't like gays it's Adam and Eve not eve and Eva and I need to Pray about it I felt like I was a sin like I was wrong like maybe I should just be straight be something I'm not to please my parents. Am I a sin?
Shayalex Shayalex 18-21 10 Responses Jan 4, 2013

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Well i understand lesbians but not guy gays... guy gays are discusting but i can see u bein lesbian becaus i also like women and find men discusting (but I'm a straight dude so what do i know)

I'm not lesbian

I apologize for the judgemental assumption but o thought u liked women and you are a women

Don't worry about it I'm panesexual

Oh so ur bi ok i had a bi friend but he became completely straight later on he's 16 nearly

Then that must have been a phase I have a friend who was lesbian now she's straight I don't think I'm going through a phase at all

I believe you some people are straight and some are not idk

I believe you some people are straight and some are not idk

That's true


You cannot accept lesbians but say gay men are disgusting. That in itself is disgusting.

Ok i see that i don't think gays are all discting but i just don't understand how a male can be attractive ... i said that first comment wrong i don't mean to offend gays i am Christian so i will try not to judge anyone or i will get some bad carma

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When I first came out to my parents, my mom also thought it a phase and my dad thought I simply didn't understand. That I was confusing closeness in my friends as sexual or whatever. Well turns out neither was the case. I wouldn't phrase it as you're a sin. But my belief is you and even I are sinning. But so is your straight friend. Everyone sins.

At 15 (?) there's still a lot to learn. luckily you found EP. Learn, read about everything you can. Read books about self esteem, personal strength and growth. Make a plan so that you can be free in a near future. Spend less time arguing with your parents and more time planning a free future. Start today and Good bless you for all the long life you have before you.

You are what you become. You choose what you believe. To be christian is asking Him the answer. If you conscience talk to you, if you listen, you will be in Peace. I have gay friends all my life. I love them but do not encourage them in this direction. One of my christian friend gay discovered the cause of this state. She asked God to help her and He shows her how He see her sexuality. Do your own experience by asking God directly. Everybody have different opinions but only God has the Truth.

I did this very thing, and it helped me move beyond my conflicting feelings. I was raised Christian, but around 17 I turned from God to accept who I was. Luckily, by 19, I realized there was something missing in my life. It was God. I prayed heavily, asking Him for the answer. How could I reconcile being gay and a Christian? He showed me that he made me exactly the way he intended me to be. I believe this is a gift more than anything. I perceive the world in a whole different way because of my orientation. As of now, I'm celibate, but only because I'm waiting for the right one to show up in my life. I found through dating that people didn't respect my standards for sex (waiting until love), and I realized I was just one of a kind. And I think everyone, through prayer and reflection, can find the same thing--whether, gay, straight, pansexual, WHATEVER. We're all children of God. Best of luck to ya!

You are who you are .
Did you choose to be left or right handed ? No , you just did what came naturally.
It's a shame that your parents put more faith in their religion ,than in you .
I recommend that you find a religion that loves you the way you are , so you don't spend your whole life thinking that there is something wrong with you.
You are perfect, your parents should be able to see this.

Thank you

If you don't find a religion that makes you feel good about yourself , walk away , you don't need it to be happy and have the life you want and deserve !
You are worth more than any religion can give you.

Thank you very much this helped

First of all, Jesus never said ANYTHING about homosexuality.

Secondly, the same book (Leviticus) that Christians use to demonize gay people is the one they ignore when it says that wearing mixed fibers is an abomination, or that children who disrespect their parents must be killed.

It also says that any woman who speaks in church should be killed. Anyone who denies God should be killed. Leviticus is filled with vicious, nasty commands that make very little (if any) sense at all.

Christians say they are no longer bound by the Old Testament... so if they are going to use the Bible as justification to ridicule or pressure you, they should be following all the commandments there. Take a look, it's a pretty disgusting book.

This. Exactly. According to the Old Testament rules, everyone is sinning every day based on their simple everyday actions or the clothes they wear or the food they eat. However, homosexuality, or whatever term is used, is also mentioned as a sin in the New Testament.

"First of all, Jesus never said ANYTHING about homosexuality."
So? He never said anything about a couple other things either, but we do not therefore automatically assume them as licit, do we?

The author of the question implied that he did. He did not.

I would think if it was important, he might of mentioned it. Obviously it wasn't that important to him - so why is it so important that modern Christians outlaw it and ridicule everyone who is gay?

Rape was not important to Him either then? And therefore ought to be allowed?
I fail to see the logic in your argumentation. Furthermore, the Lord need not say everything Himself as He gave His Apostles the exact same binding authority: what they say seals the deal. I suppose He actually taught that to counter noobish arguments like the ones you presented.

The Lord, eh?

Well this is an entirely other subject... but, prove it. Prove to me that the Bible is the word of God. Prove to me that Jesus is God incarnate.

Prove it, or you have no right to invoke the authority of god to control other people.

AND - assuming it's all true... wouldn't this be between this guy and God? Who the hell gave you or any other modern Christian the right to judge or ridicule?

"Let he who is without sin cast the first stone." - Jesus

And according to the Bible - a rapist only need pay a small dowry to the father of the victim, and then marry her. That's God's way.

This group is for those who claim to be "gay" and "Christian": I need not prove to them what they already accept to be the case, do I? Since they already accept the authority of the Bible, the only thing to do is to point out the flaws in their argumentation.
As for unbelievers, I would not be using the Bible for them. Natural Law is preferable. If you neither understand not like the Bible, then I suggest you quit pretending you understand it by using bogus "biblical" arguments. Stick to what you know.

You're absolutely right. Let me just get out of the way of those who would like to oppress and use some sort of moral authority to shame another based on something "Jesus didn't say was okay".

Jesus also didn't say we should stop killing disrespectful children.
Jesus also didn't say we should end slavery.

Any number of thousands of things Jesus didn't talk about. You would ignore his other teachings for homosexuality since he didn't explicity say it was okay?

I think that sarcasm went over your head. Doesnae surprise me though!

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Hi Shayalex,

I've been where you are and felt the guilt and shame from being gay and being told it's a sin. I did the same thing you're thinking about...I tried to be straight and please my parents. I ignored my feelings for women and got married. I should never have tried to be something I'm not. Now, I am paying the price. Be true to yourself. Your parents feel that you are probably too young to know what you want and although you may not believe it, they love you and they're only doing what THEY believe is right. Take the time to figure out what makes you happy and what YOU believe is right. God loves you no matter what. :)

They said that people aren't born gay its a chose

That's interesting. If homosexuality is a choice, then so is heterosexuality.

I don't remember ever making the decision to be heterosexual. Do they?

They think we're just born heterosexual