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I used to seriously struggle with this fact. I know the bible verses that state it's a sin blah blah but...everyone sins. Not just me. Not just gays. Some say well God things sodomy is one of the worst sins. Well that's debatable, I can't recall specific scripture that states that. Regardless, even those that do what we may call the worse of sins are saved. We were saved us from our sins. Not certain sins. All sins. John 3:16, for God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son, that whoever shall believe in him will have eternal life (Did my best to quote that off top of my head, sorry if theres errors.). I believe, that's most important, is it not?
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Well said. This OnewithJC goes all over this website to bash anyone that is gay. Why? Hatefull? Conservative nutcase? Yes and probably more.......needs therapy. You can be gay and a Christian. Even the Pope is openly talking about reconciliation and accepting them/us into the church. Peace.

I know that sometimes people think that we Christians just want everyone to believe what we do and I suppose this is true to a point. God is GOOD. I think that a LOT of people forget that today. I have a sister who is bi. I love with her with ALL my heart. I would rather have harm come to ME then to HER. I am Christian and I truly BELIEVE but she doesn't and that is her choice. Of course it pains me, the choice she makes but I could and would never hate her for it. Here is the article I read that I feel puts it in a good perspective. I pray for everybody as it is anyway, the world that we live in. God Bless you and keep you.

"We were saved us from our sins. Not certain sins. All sins. " So, do you think this gives you permission to live a sinful life? As far as I know, the Lord came to suffer and to die for us: to show us by His very own example that in order to live eternally, we must repent, carry our crosses daily and die to the world. But you seem to think that "He died, I can now sin". He died so you can live for Him. Does it not say "Seek ye first the Kingdom of God"? Or was it rather "seek ye first to satisfy your desires"? Ask and you shall be given, innit?

No I do not believe him dying gives me the right to live a sinful life. But everyone is living a sinful life. Even you.

No. Everyone sins (venially), but not everyone lives a (mortally) sinful lifestyle.
Further, one who avoids sin, but falls every now and then and truly repents (hence confession) is a far cry from someone just sinning because "everyone does it anyways".

Yes We are saved from sins if we believe God and trust in the Atonement of the Messiah Jesus. So when God says that homosexuality is a sin you believe it because you believe God is right in declaring it as sin, Right?

I ask this to help clarify things in your mind. Because i was uneasy with the Blaa Blaa you placed at the end your statement "I know the bible verses that state it's a sin blah blah"

All Praise The Ancient Of Days

God is right. Can anyone say anything God has done is wrong? That he shouldn't have done so? That he made a mistake? No. God is right in declaring it as a sin. Why? Because God made it so.