You know what's hard? Trying be a good Christian but you know you're gay. What's harder? Devolving a crush on your Christian friend. Haha life sucks :)
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I personally don't believe that u can link homosexuality to alcoholism. And quite frankly.... That's very offensive.
I am a Christian and I am gay,,. There is nothing at all wrong with you and never allow for anyone to tell u otherwise. God does not make mistakes. It's no accident u are the way u are. God is a god of love ... And as long as you seek him and have him in your heart that is ALL that matters. We have ALL sinned and fallen short of the glory of God. Key thing is that we love him and seek him.
God bless you

Eating shellfish , skin of pig , wearing clothing of mixed fabrics... ALL listed as sin.

We must be careful to not "pick and choose " what's a sin and what isn't. Christian community had Largely got it Very Very Wrong on condemning and judging certain things and not others.
So with gods word never changing ... Do u abstain from shellfish ? Have u thrown out your clothing of mixed fabrics. ? Have you totally given up eating pig or playing with a football????? #leviticus. (**to name a FEW that's listed in the bible of dos and donts)
Yea..... I'll wait

You don't judge ? You don't judge ? Really ... U just judged my relationship with The Lord. Who in the hell are you to judge ANYONES PERSONAL relationship with god. How dare u and may The Lord forgive u for being to vicious and ignorant as to assume anything at all about my faith. I wouldn't DARE judge your faith and reverence for The Lord.... Wanna know why ?? Because I'm not god and I'm not You!
Furthermore , since this Is A gay Christian group post .. What the hell are you doing here anyways ?? What is your point? To judge, condemn & admonish others. ? Get a life and make sure you are also researching all the other "sinful" things that this site possesses and make sure you condemn and judge them as well.
You want to "out bible" me .. Which is fine. But that has ZERO barrings or proof on who's faith is greater. Many theologians have gone on to hell. That doesn't speak to a persons heart. God judges HEARTS. Period.
Take your judgment and Lack of love somewhere else... It is not needed here. This is a SUPPORTIVE site.

Not judging ... But pointing out that we ALL have things to be judged .... And judged by God. I have no judgment. You, do you. I truly believe "judge and ye shall be judged ".
A relationship with the lord is personal and he loves us. We are all sinners and fallen short of the glory of the lord. Period.

First of all, I am fearing no one at all. Lol. I fear the lord. And if you're a Real scholar of the bible ... Jesus never ever mentioned anything at all about homosexuality. And the term "homosexuality" wasn't even created until the 1800s. Look that up.
Let's get are facts straight sir

Also:: 1) i stand corrected .. That you are a maam. Not a sir. And I do Apologize for that.
2) moreover , you seem to be quite the interpreter of what God wants , thinks, and has decided. I'm amazed. Even more amazed , that the bible speaks against what you do.

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Thank you 🙌