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Christian, Gay, and Very Confused

It's strange that I'm coming out to people on the internet before anyone I even know, but that seems to make it easier. I've been a christian all my life, and I have always loved God, when I was around the age of 11 I found that I would do anything for God's cause. I've know all my life that I'm gay, but being a child I thought that I would find the perfect woman who I could actually find attractive - that seemed logical since I was a man, I would of course find a wife and have kids - but as I went into my teens I found it wasn't as easy as that.

I stayed close to God, carried on going to church, reading the Bible, and praying, I even had a girlfriend for a short period of time, but I eventually found that I only liked her as a friend, when it came to kissing and stuff I had no real interest. So we broke up.

During my midteens, I got baptised, still feeling that God was my everything, but after that I began to feel a sadness in my life. I didn't know why at first, but then I realised that I felt lonely. It finally hit me that being gay and christian would mean I would live the rest of my life alone. Slowly I sank into a depression, sometimes feeling close to God, but the rest of the time feeling dead inside. And I began to drift away from Him.

Eventually, it led to me experimenting with another man a few times, but I felt so guilty after that I sank even deeper into my depression. I still carried on going to church, I read my Bible less and found praying harder, I felt as though someone like me shouldn't be coming before God and asking for help. But at the same time I stopped seeing this other man, which wasn't hard since it was only physical, he was also a christian, we never discussed what we did, and never have.   

When I reached exstreamly low points in my life, I would drink a lot - not often, but when I did I would drink a lot, just wanting to escape from the hurt I was feeling inside. And from here I slowly stepped further and further away from God, still loving Him, but feeling heartbroken at the fact that I couldn't have Him and a human partner. I would often see men I found attractive, and at one point I met a gay man that was interested in me that I found attractive, but I just kept telling him that "I was straight", finding it harder and harder to say it every time.

Two years passed of this, and I reached a point in my life when I realised that there wasn't anything in my life that made me happy. I had good friends, a loving family, I was studying something I really enjoyed, but I was alway unhappy. I was never suicidal, but I think that was only because I feared that if I died I would wake up in hell for turning away from God.

Eventually, I went to a doctors and asked him for help, to treat my depression, after being put on medication and councilling I'm slowly getting better. But I'm still so very confused, I want a boyfriend who I can love, but I feel as though it wouldn't be right, that God wouldn't like that.

I have heard many arguements, like: homosexuality not being allowed is only in the Old Testament and we should focus on the New Testament, or being gay is completely wrong, or you can have a same sex partner but you can't have sex with them, and many others.

I've heard more arguments than answers.

It would be good to hear what other christians in this situation think. And non-christians, too.

huegold huegold 22-25, M 60 Responses Jul 11, 2009

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Ugh this is giving me a headache. The responses. . . just...there is nothing but a book keeping you from happiness. Whether you are a Christian or not depends on where you are born. It's...not acceptable for anyone to...go to hell for disobeying another persons principles. Happiness is what matters now. What may be true in an afterlife shouldn't be based on 100 years or less...whatever. I'm still stressing about telling my single-minded family I'm gay soo...whatever

1 Corinthians 6:18
Flee from sexual immorality. All other sins a person commits are outside the body, but whoever sins sexually, sins against their own body.
1Corinthians 6:8-10
On the contrary, you yourselves wrong and defraud. You do this even to your brethren. Or do you not know that the unrighteous will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived; neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor effeminate, nor HOMOSEXUALS, nor thieves, nor the covetous, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor swindlers, will inherit the kingdom of God.

I assume you were born straight, so you have no understanding of what it means to born gay! There are also many things in the scriptures Christians today ignore, because they were there for that time only! I.E back in the stone age, like slavery, killing some who works on the Sabbath, or eating shelfish! Wake up and be a little more intelligent. If you want to cherry pick the scriptures then you also shoud know that St Paul also said in the new Testament regarding women (you) that you should always have your head coverd and remain silent!

That is what you get for assuming. I was born a female. God doesn't create heterosexuals or homosexuals.

You are arrogant and have a heart filled wilth hate.

Oh but I do know how it feels to be like a homosexual or SINNER, very well! I know how it feels to be bound in chains because I cannot break free from sin!

Remain silent you femail in obedience to St Paul.

1) I don't bow to anyone but Jesus. 2) I am obedient to the Lord! 3) I am free to speak the truth. 4) You have no authority over me. 5) You need to learn to control your own tongue.

I am not the one cherry picking. Are you claiming to be a Christian?

I am, I was raised a Catholic and, I, unlike you do not go arround condeming others and judging others like you appear to do! You condemn people for things you have no understanding of what so ever. Look at your own life and your own sins and think just where do you stand before Our Heavenly Father, before judging others! "Judge not least ye be judged".

Ha! You don't judge and condemn anyone, except Christians and Muslims! Go figure! So what are you doing about the p edophiles within your righteous Catholic religion? I don't need to understand anything about homosexuals, my faith is in God. You know, it's something that you claim to do. Of you, Jesus said, "These people worship me with their lips, but their hearts are far from Me."

Here is Scripture for you to meditate on, "Every plant, which My heavenly Father hath not planted, shall be rooted up." (Matthew 15:13)

I guess you missed the Scriptures where He calls homosexuality an abomination and homosexuals brute beasts. Or maybe there are sin loving priests behind the pulpits, teaching you!

If you are going to try to use a Scripture make sure you understand it first! A more accurate way to express God's Word is, "Don't judge according to appearances or how one feels but rather, judge righteously!" In other words, don't judge based on what you think or feel, like you are doing. But rather, let God be the judge, judge according to His Word!!

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I usually stay out of the religion topics but I am a Catholic. My thought on this contract those of the Catholic Church. But the church has been in the wrong before, I.E. The crusades. It is taught that God loves and accepts everyone. Gays are not an exception. If God doesn't accept us for who we are born, then WTF. The best we can do is live our live honest to ourselves and others.

Thank you for your story. Please just know that God does indeed love you more than you will ever know. I remember when I was a gay teenage lad I was almost driven to suicide because I beleived that God hated me. Why, well that was the church teaching. Looking back over the years I can now see just how God has blessed me so much. He has a plan for you, please never doubt that.

It seem that Jesus said it will be more bearableon judgement day for Sodom ect than for unbelievers. As a gay person & a christian I still love Jesus !

The blog is created for Christians. I am a Asexual Christian, I don't desire to marry or ever have children so I can serve God all the days of my life with no confinement. I want to help you my brother and anybody else on here. I will love and not judge, I am not God, but I stand strong on His Word, because I know that it is the Absolute truth. please if you know anybody who is struggling with homosexuality or any kind I am here. My blog is I love you my brother! I believe that you will pull through if you do all that I just recommended you do. God Bless you! And always remember that Jesus loves you and died for you! Never, ever turn away from his love for you.

First I want to commend and give you props for sharing your story. Second, I will love you no matter what, I will not judge. I believe personally, God gave me a gay ministry. I want to reach out to you and help you all I can. But I know God is the only one who will be able to do it. I have one question for you: do you want to be delivered from the spirit of homosexuality? If you do, God will do it, He is able! Will it be easy? No, no power demon is easy to get free from. this particular spirit creeps into homes when children are abused and raped. nobody is born this way, do not listen to the devil, Lady Gaga, or the dark blinded world, or even your misinformed friends- but rather listen to god through me right now speaking to you. He loves you so much, and He feel every bit of your pain and sadness so to the point my brother that he took it on the cross. But you must get free! God has great things for you! Most gays already know it is a sin and is wrong in God's eyesight- so I won't focus on that part of it, you already know that. Why should I bash you? Go on a three days three night fast. Read scriptures on deliverance and God's truth, repent and confess your sins before God. Ask him to purge that spirit out of you.I promise you he will do it for you. He did it for Donnie MCclurkin and Juanita Bynum two people I love dearly regardless of their past. Everybody have a past, But God don't hold us to our past, even if it was yesterday. Get around some non-judgemental Christians that will help you through your process. But ultimately, it is up to you my brother. God will not force us out of our sins. I love you so much and your going to be fine. Be encouraged! Make the decision to love God with all your heart and choose Him over your flesh and lust. If you ever want to talk more or share more, I have my own personal blog that I am trying to build up ....

Hey man, I really appreciate your post here. I'm in the same place. For me, I know homosexuality is not something that pleases God as defined in His word, and can accept that, but I hate knowing that the loneliness I feel may never go away. Same sex attraction is a weird thing, it's not something you just get over or pray away. Right now I'm just trying to love Jesus more that I my desire to be with someone in a loving personal, tangible relationship. Sometimes I fail, I screw up, I lose my focus, I get lonely and depressed, I get angry, I cry out for help. But even these things so me no good because I have not told anyone what I am going through. And I honestly don't think I ever could. It's like my sexuality is a weight around my neck, and the layers of self loathing and pretend happy faces just wear me down. Though it seems pointless, knowing others are going through the same thing does give me a little comfort. Sometimes I just wish it was enough.

Thanks again for posting.


Keep crying out to Jesus L.L. But know that one day you will have to decide, you will not be able to have God and your fleshly desires. I was addicted to *********** all my life. I was watching it at 6 years old, I had to make a choice, either God and righteousness, or **** which will lead me to hell. God has delivered me! Was it easy? No, but with God's help, I got through! God is able if you trust Him and want to get free. I am telling you what I have been through and that is not all. What I am saying is that God can deliver you from any sin or addiction if you want it. I love you L.L. and you are not alone. God loves you! If you ever want to talk not on here, I have a personal blog

I hear you man, and believe me I know and understand you. Just always know that God loves you, He made you and He loves you!

God loves the sinner, but hates the sin. Repent and be saved! Jesus saves!

Look at your own sins you fool!

wow..I give a message of salvation and you call me the fool for doing so! May God have mercy on your soul... I have repented for mine, that is how I am able to bring you this message, REPENT or be cast into the lake of fire for all eternity, where there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth! Praise unto the most high, almighty I AM, Jehovah! The, Omnipotent, Omniscient, Omnipresent living God! Sing ye praise!!! Halleluiah Lord Jesus! King of all kings!!!

You are sounding like hate filled evil muslims!

Yeah, sure.... Jesus is the way, the truth and the life! Halleluiah, halleluiah, halleluiah! 😄 Repent oh ye wicked sinners!

You are so ignorant, just be glad that God made you straight!

Jesus made me whole, and freed me of my sin! As He can for you as well!

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Just read 'Letters to Louise'. It is so demonically inspired it is not funny and in no way does this man prove that what the Bible has to say about homosexuality or other sexual sins for that matter, means anything other than what it says. He barely mentions the Bible. He will answer to God for his deception and misleading guidance on this matter. We are called to love everyone - however we are also called to hate the sin - any sin (not the sinner). People who hate gay people do not understand the concept of Godly love, - people who think Godly love simply embraces all kinds of love, do not understand the concept of Godly love, and people who think we should accept all sin out of Godly love, do not understand the concept of love the sinner, hate the sin. God loves us all. He longs for us to enter His Kingdom. However, there is only one way to do this and this is through His son Jesus Christ, who made Himself worthy through His perfect walk as a man and His death on the Cross so that we may all be saved if we CHOSE to be. Homosexuality is a sin as any other sin is. The Bible says it is and while many try to find their way around this and refute - it is there in Black and White. I do believe that gay people can be Christians and love the Lord very much, however, the time will come when we will all have to make the choice - do we love our sinful nature more or God more. This applies to any sin that takes precedence in the life of a Christian, over and above the perfect will of God. Timothy tells us not to be fooled. One cannot be saved and then continue on in ones sinful nature. This is not true salvation. I don't tell you this to condemn, but the Truth is the Truth and when others tell you otherwise they are condemning you. I suggest you listen or contact Sy Rogers (you can google or facebook him). He more than anyone I know of knows and understands what you are going through and can answer your questions.

We shall know the truth and the truth shall make us free! John 8:32! This is truth what you are saying. And I am for God's truth! I just told somebody this on another page the exact same words! It rejoices my heart that somebody else is standing for God's truth and a crooked and perverse generation! Keep on standing on God's Word! and proclaiming His truth in love! Check my blog out and tell me what you think,

Hey there,
Im in the same dilemma only im a girl. Ive been a christian most of all my life. I love Jesus too. I truly believe what the bible says about homosexualiy...that its wrong. i dont have an answer for me being gay. The only think that i can think of is that maybe is some sort of test so to speak. Am i really gonna server God or my flesh? Do i want Gods will for my life or live for myself? As christian we are called to a higher standard of living. God never promises that the christian life is gonna be problem free or that we are exempt from suffering. if anything its the opposite. The bible says that even Jesus never tried to please himself, but only do the will of His Father And Jesus suffered many times over for us. And if Jesus suffered in this life, what makes me think i wont. As Christians we are call to please God and do His will. I know its so hard sometimes, but the bible says, blessed are those who suffer for Christ sake for your reward in heaven will be great. For me, i cant just believe just some parts of the bible are true and others are not. It doesnt work like that. I have to remember that its not about me. Its about God and living for him so that he can use me to win souls to heaven. To share the Good news of salvation to the lost. everyday people are going to hell, and it a real place and an eternal place. when we give our lives to God its no longer about us...its about other people. I believe God will give you the stenght to endure to the end if you stay faithful to him and drawn near to him again. He really does love you and cares about what we are going through. I ask God almost on a daily basis to fill me with the Holy Spirit cause hes the only thing that makes me feel not so lonely and empowers me to live this life victoruosly. I hope this helps. God bless you and may He make is face to shine on you and grant you the freedom and answers your looking for. Anna cabgirl Jesus loves you Anna, and so do I. I am here if you need me.

I'm 23 years old, gay and christian. I don't have answers to many of the questions made here, what I can do is share my view. When I was in the closet, I went into a deep depression. This deep depression almost took me to commit suicide. I prayed and prayed and prayed to God, asked Him to either make things better (or illuminate me in making things better) or to embrace me if I did something stupid like killing myself. In a matter of months I came out, I have been accepted by all my family and my friends, and I found a boyfriend with whom I am still in a relationship (two years now). I feel the happiest man alive.
Now, I am not saying that you should believe it was God who made all things better to me, or that by praying to God you'll get what you want in two months. I'm sure there are people around the world who were worse off than I was, who pray every day and still nothing happens. But I prayed to some higher entity, and I called it God, and things got better after - so I believe it was Him.
By believing it was God, I believe that the things that I lived after I came out - like finding a boyfriend - surely are not against His ways. In the end, I choose to believe in the most childlish and naive of views: if you are a good person, and you have love in your heart, you go to heaven. It's what makes sense to me. Any other crap somebody tells you, either someone you know, a guy on TV or the church, about how if you are gay you should not express it (in addition to a million other things not homosexuality-related), it's just Man talking. God, for me, is a totally different thing. This is my view.

PS: huegold, I am happy for you, and it's interesting how you went through this stuff at the same time as I did. I wish you well!

The truth is, I don't know what's right, and contrary to what many surrounding you want to believe, no one else knows either. No one knows the mind of God, but God knows your mind. Don't put your wish for a human partner before God as a sin, rather as a question. You'll find your answer somehow, just as I hope I do. It's a mess as such a small, limited, broken person trying to make contact with the gigantic, beautiful, impossibly perfect God around us, but you'll find a way. It's not satisfying to know there is no easy answer, but rather a long struggle which never ends. However, we keep growing, and growth is life. Hush the noise around you and you'll hear what God really wants for you.

Hi, I haven't been on here for a while, but thank you all for your comments. Since writing this post I have come to terms with my sexuality and have discovered that there is nothing wrong with being gay. Also, I know that it is possible to be gay and christian. I may not be as religious as I used to be, but that is probably because I am still angry at how the church has made gay people feel as though they are freaks when during this hard time they need love and support. Right now I have a loving boyfriend and I have never been happier, and don't believe that God is angry with me for finding someone who I love. All love is from God, and all hate is from Satan, so why does the church encourage their followers to hate gay people for the way they were born.

All of you who are christian and gay and are stopping yourselves from finding a partner, go out and find one, be happy, don't waste your life hating yourself and punishing yourself. You don't need to give up God, but you are gaining nothing from spending your life alone.

I doubt you have your answers now. Of course you can be attracted to the same sex and remain a Christian - even a very good one. But it seems to me, you are not yet there. You're asking the wrong questions and the wrong people. To give you a little heads up: ask yourself what "love" is actually. Not everything people call "love" is love. And all religious doctrines are explained by God being love. Wherefore, it is of utmost importance to understand this core doctrine. If you do not know what love is, you won't find any lasting peace.

As I am reading this I am in tears because I am experienceing the same things right now. I am a 38 year old woman who always felt different in many ways. Ive gone out with, had sex with men and am married to a man for 7 years (recently seperated for a year and a half) but always had some desires to be with woman since and had experiences a couple of times. I love God but have also driffted away from Him because of guilt, confusion and anger. Im so lonely. Sometimes I just want to go ahead and get a girlfriend but I know I will still be lonely inside. What Im taught and what I read is that it is wrong. But like you said, am I gonna be alone forever...i cant. I feel your pain brother and hope that people like us can find resolution soon.

Jesus will feel that void, he is really the only one who can. Be it straight, gay, or bi, God will forgive you if you ask. If you can confess your faults he is faithful and just to forgive you and cleanse you from all unrighteousness. 1 John 1:9. God loves you, and so do I. I am a Christian BiAromantic Asexual. Is it easy? No, but because of my past, the devil will try to hold it against you. But there is hope and redemtion, and restoration for you my sister and brother. I believe that I have a gay ministry which is why God has led me here. All these people want is love, but the devil has perverted the love and blinded them from true love. The only true, pure love is from Jesus Christ. When you get low, and lonely and you have no where to run, call on Jesus! Call out his name, and will come to you. I am here for you as well, cabgirl, lol, that's me. My own website if you would like to go there Check it out, if you dont want to talk here, we can talk on my blog. I will love you, and not judge, but God's Word is truth.

I am straight but my 22 year old daughter came out when she was just 17. She had always been a good daughter unlike my elder heterosexual one who has been a nightmare!<br />
<br />
As a long standing Christian this caused me to look deeply into the issue. My daughter expected me to reject her but I assured her that I loved her and that I was sure that God still loved her. In fact I realised that my feelings towards her had not changed at all and if I as a human could continue to love and accept her then how much more could God do this.<br />
<br />
I did endless research and have met with many gay Christians in the last few years and even attended a conference for gay Christians. The people I have met are vibrant Christians rejoicing in both their Christianity and their homosexuality. I even know of two gay Christian couples (one lesbian and one gay men) where the men have fathered a child each with one of the women (presumably by test tube) and they all live together as an extended happy family. That one is a bit mind bending I admit but in what way does it conflict with the love of God. <br />
<br />
In my research I also realised that many of the negative verse in the Bible simply don’t say what they are widely taken to mean. The attempted gay rape in Sodom and Gomorra was being carried out by heterosexual men (they wanted to rape anyone angel or the girls!). They were wild and evil not gay!<br />
<br />
Leviticus condemns male rape (carried out by heterosexual warriors to show they were superior to their captives). What has that got to do with gay people today? <br />
<br />
The passages in the NT are vague at best. It is not even very clear exactly what Paul was getting at and the main point he was making in Romans was that we are all sinners so don’t condemn anyone else because you are just as bad! Surely as Christians therefore we should embrace gay people not reject them. <br />
<br />
So in truth the Bible does not really have anything to say on the issue at all. But it does have a lot to say about loving each other and accepting each other. So my attitude has changed completely and now I am even in favour of gay marriage. After all if we do not accept gay marriage we are effectively saying to homosexuals that you are beyond the love of God and can therefore be as promiscuous as they like – whereas as Christians we should be endorsing Fidel and loving relationships between people who are in loving exclusive relationships. Anything else is a complete failure to understand the basics of the Christian faith.<br />
<br />
I know many traditional Christians will argue with me for ever about this but I believe I have received a revelation from God. So folks you can be gay and Christian and I believe God wants to bless your relationships but He also wants you to be faithful to your partners, loving and kind as he wants every heterosexual couple to be. <br />
<br />
The Gay Christian Network ( might be a help to some of you.

I have a couple of gay friends and am giving the issue serious thought. Thank you for the insights.

My brother I read your story and with all humility I would like to attempt to offer you some encouragement and guidance by the leading of the Holy Spirit .<br />
Firstly I would like for you not to consider yourself gay, at that point the devil is deceiving you. God's people shall not be defined by the devil or you will be considerably confused about who you are and God's intentions for your life could be misunderstood, and you will be led astray !<br />
I paid attention to your synopsis from childhood through out your teen years and your young adulthood, Your journey was a typical youthful christian experience, however you didn't mention any parental guidance through out your journey. I will not guess whether you had a nurturing father in your life but you didn't mention a mother in your life as well. Parents are usually the influence in children's life to help them understand their gender roles in life. You did say you went to church often and loved God and you read your bible fairly much. Even as you outlined that portion of your life it appeared you were more like a lone ranger in life, and that could be deceptively dangerous to a young person.<br />
There will be lots of fundamental questions and complicated questions that children and teens and young adults will have and those inquiries could be the defining moments in one's life, so it's vitally important that young people get the emotional, mental and spiritual nurturing and guidance in life to help them to find a place of purpose as it relates to God and their community and moreover the world .You having an attraction for a man tells me you kept many secrets inside and didn't have a father in your life to confide in and help you to develop emotionally, mentally and spiritually. <br />
Understand what the demonic intention of homosexuality is, it;s an affront to the very image of God as it relates to mankind ! However it's only one of many distortions of God's image nonetheless it's an abomination. <br />
As humans we sinners and with that comes all kinds of strange affinities, still we are responsible for our willful acts especially in the light of God's word <br />
Repent, don't look back and don't go back, God has called us out of darkness in His marvelous light, Don't be deceived and enslaved to lustful acts of the flesh <br />
God be with you

I don't meen to be mean or anything, but being gay is a sin. I found out one day I was gay. I tried to solve it on my own. but everyy time i'd be '' ok God today I'm going to stop it" but I could't. I finally went to God and now i'm realising that the girls are prettier than the boys. You mentioned in your story that we need to focus only on the new test. and not the old test. But the old test. is just as important as the new test. you may listen to me you may listen to someone else. just remember this, God made you, but he did't make you decided that one day on your own. He did't make me gay but one day I decided to be Homo. God he loves you no matter what sin you commit, but being gay is a chain holding you from God. You need to stop trying to figure this out and ask God.<br />
i hope you take this advice

Roman 1 a scripture every antigay person uses to prove being gay is wrong has a statement in it. It uses the physin which means they went against the nature they were born with. The entire scripture is really talking about hetereosexauls who where born hetereosexual turned against what God made them to have same sex relationships. It is as much of a sin for you who have been created homosexuality to engage hetereosexual marriage to please your Idols the Church and the many church people who encourage this. You are saying to God you were created as a mistake and not wonderfully made. You will be miserable and your family miserable because of you being dishonest to who and what you are. Be strong and be brave and allow the Lord to lead you to the missing part of you so you can be complete. And made whole. Instead of denying oyur identity for a few idols.

Thank you for your perspective. I am thinking about this issue.

I suppose I've read that book you got that idea from. But deeper study into the issue will reveal this argument to be weak at best. Considering the fall, concupiscence cannot be confused with one's nature at all. If you were to take that principle to its logical conclusion (the one by which you wish to justify homosexuality), then one would have to also accept any other form of sexual deviation - including paedophilia, necrophilia, etc.. After all, one cannot claim someone simply woke up and chose to be a necrophile, no?

Yes, you are completely right, and I pray that God will deliver you and use you. I believe that my ministry is with gay people as well. Because I have a great compassion for them, but most of them know it is wrong, but what some dont know is that they are under the influence of a spirit. A power demon like drugs, or alchohol. the enemy has blinded their eyes and mind. No sin is accepted by God, we all must come out from our sins and forever turn to Jesus, he will forgive and love, but he will also judge sin.

You are right Kyle! I will be praying for you.

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sigh sc<x>ripture does not not condemn homosexuality only the Churches misinterpretation of sc<x>ripture does. We are each born with a sexual nature. Just because we are created gay we should not despair. Rejoice for you are wonderfully created and made perfect by God. God does not condemn a Holy same sex union. He Blesses it. I once was a Pentecostal minister and a fanatic to doctrine. Today Im only a fanatic to doctrine and have studied it thoroughly. The so called verses that condemn our Gay sexuality are like dust in the wind blown away by the power of the Holy ghost truth. I started seeing exactly what God had created and the meaning of what one flesh meant. I realised the sc<x>riptures that condemned same sex acts were those related to acts involved in idol worship. I realised to go against our intrinistic nature was as much sin as trying to be involved in a sexual act that I was not created for. I turned from my nature I was born with, that was gay and did hetereosexual acts to please my idols the hetereosexual community. I was miserable inside . I am sure you all can relate. I realised scripure had not everything in a modern world it was a guideline . Not a example for sexuality. The Holy Ghost ministered to me and I realised this was true. Hermaphrodites are born with both sexes how does sc<x>ripture incorporate them. Lesbian were not spoken in the Old testament only homosexuals. The holy Ghost showed me the Sin of sodom and gommorah wasnt homosexuality but inhospitality EZ 16 :48. <br />
<br />
Adam was created with both sexes. sc<x>ripture says both female and male was called Adam. Until Adam was lonely he contained both sexes in him. As sc<x>ripture teaches God took a side of Adam and created woman. Why because all creatures were created two of thier kind . The Holy Ghost told me Adam was the natural example of the Church today. As in the natural he contained both male and female parts. The Church will enter a same sex union with Christ as the Lord will marry males as well. Already the Holy Ghost showed me two different sexes . Hermaphrodite and heterosexual. I question God about Gay people. The Holy Ghost revealed to me that Eve was not in the garden long. She was fertile and could fall pregnant quickly. Then It dawned on me that Eve had no children in Eden. She would of been in the garden less than a year. Eve would of been the mother of the final sexuality us gay people yet sin stopped this from happening. then it dawned on me when people will leave thier parent and become one flesh with their wifes God was telling me the wife of Christ is both male and female. We can therefore marry the same sex as Christ does.<br />
If Christ can marry a man so can I and this is sc<x>riptural. This is why we search to become whole. I hope this has encouraged you . May God blessing you and protect you in Jesus name.

" scripture says both female and male was called Adam. " Where in the Bible is this idea from? When Adam is spoken of in Genesis 2 he is called "he", singular. In Genesis 1:27 is "in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them." When gender is mentioned it speaks in plural, "them". Please show me what I am missing. Thank you.

I don't know how many people will see this, or anything, but one thing I'v always thought of was how God was a God of love right? If He didn't put love in front of anything then Jesus never would have died for us! Now I know straight couples that are just well...colorful, and what they have isn't love, then I have gay friends who- well hold more love than any of the married straight people I see. I believe (personally) it's not about gender, but intentions, if you're gay just to experiment or lust then God has an issue! If you TRULY love someone, dive in front of a bullet type love for them, then how can that go wrong? Pure love IS what God is about!! So there's my opinion hope it wasn't too preachy or long!

I am having this same issue. I was lying down talking to my girlfriend and all the sudden I was struck with the feeling that God HATES me now. And she reminded me that he will always love us. So I guess I put it this way to myself: If God can love us if we were purple, he sure as heck can love us if we're gay.

I am having this same issue. I was lying down talking to my girlfriend and all the sudden I was struck with the feeling that God HATES me now. And she reminded me that he will always love us. So I guess I put it this way to myself: If God can love us if we were purple, he sure as heck can love us if we're gay.

Google "Letter to Louise" - it's written by a 95 year old Baptist preacher, and is one of the most progressive things I've ever read on the Bible and homosexuality. This preacher goes through every single biblical argument that people try to use to say that gay is bad and refutes every one of them USING THE BIBLE! It is a letter to one of his parishioners, Louise, who came to him because of her concern for her brother who was gay.

I probably am not the best one to give advice to a Christian, after all I felt abandoned by god years ago. But from what I’ve heard god loves us all. I don’t know about you but to me following god is like a Jewish person being a Nazi (I’ve got to stop with the Nazi references) felling like your leader hates you and will punish you no matter what you do. If you truly believe in god then be happy knowing that he made you the way you are. If we are created in his image then I guess he doesn’t mind who you sleep with as long as you’re happy

It's ok that your gay. It's just who you are. I was in a situation like you too, I am gay and I kept thinking that maybe I'll change. It's not that easy though, like you say. I too became really unhappy and shy around everyone. I found myself in a trciky spot with God and I really felt that maybe I was just a mistake and that I'd fine someone of the oppsite gender who would like me. Of course, I had but I didn't like them back. I eventually started reading the Bible yet again and I found that God does condemn gay people. But i found other verses that say that God loves who you are, and if your gay, that is apart of you. God loves all gay people, even though it's considered a sin, I think that God wants us to be happy and not depressed. When you find that man you really like, don't be afraid. Just go for it and pray to God for guidance. God's will is never clear to us but every thing happens for a reason.

Its been a long time since I've been on here, but I've now accepted that i was born gay, I have had boyfriends, and one day hope to find a man I love and get married. Never again am I going back to such a dark place, pinned down by the guilt of what I was taught at church. I believe in God, and love Him, and will do my best to be kind to others and generally be a good person, but there is no reason I can find why not to find a human partner

you dont have to turn to people for answers. ''There is a way that seems right to man , but its end thereof is death (spiritual death). <br />
<br />
Look to his word and check yourself if you are in line with the Word. The Psalmist says this,'' Search my Heart and knows my thoughts oh God and see if there is any wicked way in me '' .. Let the Holy Spirit empower you to let go of this. <br />
<br />
God does Love everyone but doesnt mean he tolerates SIN. You know it yourself, that you cannot continue to be Gay . just as anyone who is involved in a immoral sexual relationship cannot continue in their sinful state and expect it to be ok with God.<br />
<br />
New Testament does condemn against sexual immorality. <br />
<br />
I dont mean to put you down. But the cost that Jesus paid on the cross was not cheap, He bought you with his precious blood. He is worthy of your full commitment and He is more than able to help you with this problem. Just dont rely on yourself and your feelings. Depend on HIS WORD.<br />
<br />
I was leaning towards lesbianism when I was younger.. But as I grew in the knowledge of God, I knew this was SIN, I didnt even need others to tell me that it was SIN. I confessed and was determined to get out of it and God helped me through this .. and now Im as straight as ever and was even in love with a man. <br />
<br />
you see being a christian also means to deny yourself. It means to LIVE for CHRIST. and if you think for one minute, that God is ok with us twisting his moral lawand covering it up with LOVE, then you are being decieved. <br />
<br />
Look to Christ, dont give up. He loves you and will help you becoming to what he wants you to be.<br />
In Christ.

I know god loves you no matter what you are we shouldn't be judging. only god himself can answer to you keep praying i know eventually he will answer to your prayers. a lot of people are stuck on whats wrong or whats right because the OT says he made Adam and eve. let god be the one to tell you :)

Your story made me cry as it is so similar to my own. I have struggled with being gay all of my life, trying desperately to please God. My teens were empty and lonely. In my early twenties I had a couple of girlfriends but it only made me feel worse. In my mid-twenties I faced the isolation that I knew I had to endure to please God. I was terrified that I would have to isolate myself emotionally even more than I already was. I prayed and hoped that it wouldn't be as bad as I feared and that He would help me. I guess my heart hasn't been complete. The loneliness and depression continued to increase until two years ago I had a massive nervous breakdown that had me spend a lot of time in hopsital and attempt suicide twice.<br />
It is a haevy burden to carry and I feel like I am wearing out. Even my psychologist feels that this dichotomy is likely to kill me. It sure feels that way!<br />
I wish I had some positive advice for you. I can only offer you my empathy and thank you for sharing your story. I am sorry though that you are suffering the same pain and confusion as I am.

I am by choice a straight christian women, but I do have bi-sexual thoughts i dont act on them but i do entertain these thoughts. Is it a sin yes, Christ died for all our sins, and to god sin is sin whether it is being a thief or being gay, God still loves us, there is no comdenation in Jesus Christ.

The Truth about GOD<br />
# Exodus 15:3 "The Lord is a man of war."<br />
# Joel 3:9-10 "Prepare war, wake up the mighty men, let all the men of war draw near; let them come up: Beat your plowshares into swords, and your pruninghooks into spears: let the weak say, I am strong." <br />
Was Jesus peaceable?<br />
# Matthew 10:34 "Think not that I am come to send peace on earth: I came not to send peace, but a sword. For I am come to set a man at variance against his father, and the daughter against her mother, and the daughter in law against her mother in law. And a man's foes shall be they of his own household."<br />
# Luke 22:36 "Then said he unto them, . . . he that hath no sword, let him sell his garment, and buy one."<br />
The answer is NO!!!<br />
Jesus=Stupid peasant<br />
<br />
90% Cristians have not read the Bible