My Kids

I was married for 13 years and have a daughter (now 21) and a son (17 y.o.). They have been very supportive to me since my divorce and as I came out to them 7 years ago. My daughter has even tried to fix me with someone up a few times.

Even though my kids have 2 different places to live now, they still consider my place as "home" and have chosen to spend most of their growing up years with me in my care. My ex-wife just wasn't very motherly and thinks more about herself than the people around her. I had to take on the role as both mother and father and was the one to go with my daughter to get her sanitary pads when she first began to have her "period" while attending middle school. It's been my nature to be nurturing to my family.

There is nothing that I wouldn't do for my kids and they know that. I'm very proud and supportive of my kids.
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I am still married and have 3 adult kids. Would love to tell them all someday. You have a lot of courage.

Your kids must be really proud and should be thankful to have a father like you. Love your story. came out to them at an age younger than my kids (mine are 17 and 11...boys). I hope I can tell them soon, especially because I see a lot of me in my little kid. Your story is very inspirational. Thanks for sharing

I think deep down there is nothing I would not do for my kids either. They're a bit older, but you know being a Dad is a life long career.

Same here