Losing Virginity Twice In 2 Months Time

I lost my virginity about 2 weeks prior to my 13h birthday, when i found myself seduced, after getting quite drunk with the 31 year old stunningly beautiful woman renting the beach house next to my family's on summer holiday. In fact, after our first time having sex, we ****** nearly every day for the next 2 1/2 months, toward the end of the summer, even progressing to having a 3 and 4-way with what would later become my "**** buddies", both 13 at the time! On my 13h birthday, my 17 year old stepbrother, and my 16 year old cousin took my virginity away by more or less "raping", they took turns ******* me up the ***, and forcing me to suck the other one's **** simultaneously! This led to an ongoing semi-regular sexual relationship with my stepbrother for the ensuing 5 months until he left home. At any rate, this was the foundation for my fathering and for the most part single parenting the five (5) sons i am proud and honoured to have had! Given the fact that this resulted in my becoming an unwed father at age 13, i never practiced anything other than full, unconditional honesty with them! They have always known that i was gay, and i am certain that most are wondering if all 5 are gay since they were raised by a gay dad? 2 are straight, 1 bisexual and the other 2 are gay! Incidentally, i had a rather tumultuous, on-again, off-again relationship with their mother, and we even lived together at various times (all when i was still in high school)! She finally ended it jwith me in favour of the man she has lived with now for 9 years, himself 12 years here junior, and they have a mutual boyfriend who lives with them, making for a true bisexual 3-way ongoing!
barefootboiLA barefootboiLA
36-40, M
Dec 3, 2012