Iv'e Never Had An Actual Surprise Birthday Or Party

I am 23 years old, my birthday is 2/3/1989 and I never had someone throw me a surprise birthday party or plan a birthday party for me before. Sure, when I was little I have had little parties here and there but as a teenager and now, I have always felt as if no one cared that it was my birthday. I hear stories of people having little parties here and there and getting together even if it's for a birthday dinner, but for me... I never had any of that. I probably sound like a brat that complains but, it just makes me feel unwanted so to speak. I have spent 100's of dollars throwing people surprise birthday parties with drinks, food, balloons, and yea... I don't know I guess I'm just not good enough to have one. =

I really don't expect anything in return for what I've done, even with Christmas no one gives me anything, for my birthday last year I stayed inside and washed clothes and went to bed, some birthday huh? I don't know, I just needed to vent. It would be nice to just receive a gift or a birthday party once in a while. I have lost my hope in people.
Orion2089 Orion2089
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1 Response Sep 19, 2012

I hope 2014 is different and that your friends and family show their love through many ways ☺️

Thank You!!