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Well, let me first off tell you in my experience talking to anyone from EP is a big NO NO. Keep things here brief and cordial, remember, people coming onto here have issues and are seeking help and you do not know who who your meeting and they can be a serial killer. There can also be people on here with anger issues and like in my case a verbally abusive and potentially physically abusive person who has evil spirits lurking around them. I'm not going to go into great detail about my situation only because it actually benefited me but my message to people is, 1.Never verbally abuse people or physically abuse people especially if a person can damage your life in catastrophic ways just by the information they know about you. 2. If any person shows signs of verbal abuse don't ignore it, acknowledge it. Verbal abuse can mean physical abuse so when a person shows verbal abuse, they are more likely to physically abuse you... STOP in your tracks and LEAVE. Especially if you tell the person and they continue to do it despite you telling them because a person can't just stop being abusive. 3. Save yourself the stress, the ADDED drama, in your life and if you feel lonely put on a p o r n o and jerk off.

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