Looking 4 Who Makes Me Feel Wanted And Loved.

Yes i am a gay man, denied i was gay after a long relationship with another man and numerous with other men, been married to women three times, the man in charge type, found i didn't need to be in charge, liked attention paid to me, compliments, like men that were more aggressive, manly and handsome in control of the situation, i didn't stay with women because there was something missing for me, it was the feeling of surrender that i missed, giving to a man, opening my legs wide so he can get it all in me and give me what i want, him, him in me, me loving it, wanting it, knowing i belong to him, i am his to do anything he likes with, i love the role of the passive, submissive female to my man, i love it when i'm just taken, home cooking dinner, you come in kiss me and hug me then take my hand and lead me to our bed, you turn undress me completely lay me on my tummy on our bed, you get naked and grab my hips and pull up then you move my legs apart and get between, then you rub the head of your large **** against my hole, you push in, it goes in slowly, deeper and deeper, feels to great, the feel of a hard erect **** entering you first, the sensations, then as its slowly pushed deeper inside you it fills you up, your getting filled with ****, one of the greatest feeling i think, now i just re-read that and that is a testament to how men can feel together, right now i'm dressed all up and loving every second of it, bra filled with myself and my latex breast, about large c cup, my white silk stockings, silk slippers, i feel sexy and hot like this, i want to find a handsome man to take me back to those times, feelings i gave myself, after first time i thought and realized i had enjoyed that more then i ever did with a woman, i knew what i wanted, to be a man available to other men for a long term relationship, and i looked and found a couple, il l write more later
ready4unow ready4unow
56-60, M
Jan 22, 2013