I'm a married man with a straight wife. I love her very much but I love to have sex with men. I find it much more of what I wont and love to be the salve.
I just can't tell her as I know she will be so very up set and may even leave me. I don't wont that but would like to find a good man friend to have good sex with to.
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Why do you want to stay with your wife? If you love to have sex with men, why wouldn't you break off your marriage to let her find a man that loves to have a physical and emotional relationship. I think you staying with her is unfair and deceitful. You are a coward to not realize that you do not need to care if she leaves you.

Where are you located? I could help

While leading a dual life is risky in more ways than one, I would be surprised if your wife doesn't have some awareness. She chooses to allow this on some level, as the alternative is so distasteful to her, and she benefits in maintaining some degree of relationship with you. To her, the relationship still provides the minimum essential attributes, so it is less risky than any other course of action.

Our ability to fully understand the dynamics of the situation is best left to those who can be objective, with no vested interest. For the person who finds the attraction so strong, the best choice may be to preserve the current arrangement. Once we make the decision to fully invest in such an emotionally charged life change, not only that person, but those with whom his life is intertwined will be affected by the choice made to either embrace such a drastic lifestyle change or continue with the clandestine activities(which are likely much more well known than he thinks).