The Nameof The Group Says It All

I am a gay man trapped in a womans body... I have always liked male gay ****...i fantasize about being with men as a man.I dream about it too.Didnt know anyone else felt like that.. I also have male sex habits... you know(roll over and go to sleep after sex, get off once and want to go to sleep, large sexual appetite,cheating) I get along with guys instead of males...whenever there is a gathering of people, you will find me discussin football and wrestlin with the guys not cooking in the kitchen with the women.Im the head of the family not my husband..Im the dominent one...also.. i figure i am a top...I kinda look like a stocky guy except i have very large breasts.I have very hairy legs and arms.used to play football and wieghlift when i was a kid
graysyn graysyn
Jul 9, 2010