Who I Am Naturally

For about a year now I've been trying to decide if I should actually start to transition. Hormones were the main thing I was concerned about, I thought the only way I could truly be the guy I am inside is if I injected myself with T.

After tons of research and soul searching, I've found something that is right for me.

Natural transitioning is changing one's gender without the use of hormones. By increasing the testosterone my body produces on it's own, I can express my masculinity without the more drastic side affects. Other things like binding, weight lifting, voice lessons, etc have really helped me. If anyone is interested, I can write a story just about that.

It's funny, but accepting the fact that I am a gay guy has allowed me to be more in touch with my femininity.
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being on the other side of this is interesting for me as a fem male. i recently came out, i now wear girls stuff but i keep it tasteful i don't wear dresses or skirts. but just bout everything else peeps don't even notice THERE TOO SELF ABSORBED! LOL we are but we have reason to be gender id is a huge personal thing. i had a male friend ask whear i got a shirt and jeans i said khol's jr's dept. he was like ?????? his cell rang i don't think he even got it lol my other friend bio female and i just laughed she supports me and gives me tips. i want hormones cuz i want boobs :( real- - real boobs lil ones is all you get they say but thats what i want anyway. anyway i too accepted myself as a lesbian and started getting ok with myself too so it works the same either way f2m or m2f.

Hi <br />
I am also interested to know more about the natural transitioning. <br />
I dont like the idea of taking those artificial hormones..... they are far too dangerous, but then again I like to do something to change my current looks a bit.<br />
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Your statement : "accepting the fact that I am a gay guy has allowed me to be more in touch with my femininity", was simply amazing........ Since I accepted this, the very same thing happened to me. :)

Hi Wansu,<br />
I feel similar to you.. can i just ask what natural transitioning involves? I would agree that whilst some of the effects of testosterone seem pretty amazing (i.e. deep voice/muscles), I'm not sure I like the larger picture or want such drastic effects.<br />
Also, like your last bit about being more in touch with your femininity - life - how ironic eh? :)