I'm A Flamboyant Feminine Man In A Woman's Body

Most people look at me as though I were joking, and once they figure out I'm serious they still laugh but they don't understand. I've always identified with males. Even when I was a child I have always had dreams I was a man. My biggest issue is that I'm relatively feminine and I don't want to be entirely male either. I'd like to not have body hair to deal with and I wish I could have a completely functioning penis and no breasts. I don't really like testicles and I don't want them.

I know that in order to have no breasts I'd probably have to take hormones after the surgery, otherwise they would just begin to come back, but I'm kinda turned off to hormones. I'm not confused about who I am or what I want but I'm confused as to how to achieve this and if I should.

I'm planning on talking to a doctor and a therapist to make light on what my options really are. Can a woman become more androgynous? Is it possible to reject both genders and make my own path?

I'm mostly attracted to women but I also like pretty men, who happen to mostly be gay. It's rare for me to be attracted to a manly man. I've had a very close relationship to a gay man, but because of my body I've never really dated one. I'm a bisexual and feminine and androgynous man in a woman's body.

Thanks for listening to my story.
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I am also in a similar position to you. I thought I was the only one... Thankyou so much for posting your experience, now I don't feel so alone. Stay strong.

I totally understand you.......... I just joined and am reading through the stories..... I will post my own soon, but I totally understand you, coz am going through something quite similar.<br />
You are not alone