Ok so, im only 16. But i always knew something was different about me. Growing up, i always dressed like a boy until around 7th grade, then in 8th grade i just changed and started being way more girly. I cut my hair different, got my first serious boyfriend, start wearing dresses and actually caring about how i look. Now, as im about to start 11th grade, i finally think ive realized what i am. A gay guy, trapped in a girls body. Or, i wouldnt really say trapped. Because i dont hate my body. I dont want a penis. But this past summer ive started getting really involved with the LGBT community and all my LGBT friends say i care about gay rights more than they do. I always asked myself, why is that? My best best best friend is a gay man, though im not attracted to him i have been attracted to some of the guys hes dated. As of right now I look completely like a girl, a very feminine girl, but id like to change that. The only thing is i dont know how people at my school would react and it would be a huge change in my life that im not even sure would make me happier. I guess im just confused, but i know im not a regular girl.
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wow you are younger then me but your sort of living the same thing as me except that I'm in college which means that no one cares about how you look.. anyway I too have allways felt the same way and I will tell you that it would of helped to know this sooner because of all the weird feelings and The not knowing why parts really made me angry. Don't stop being who you are and you'll become an even better person in the future :)<br />
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