Eight Categories Of Relationships

This is my theory about the categories of human "pair-bonding" relationships.  I rather not use the term "sexual", since the term "sexual" always tends to mean something related to "sexual intercourse", which is not mandatory in pair-bonding formation.  There are four categories in heterosexual relationships, and four in homosexual.  Instead of listing all these 8 categories with detailed description, I lay out the 3 factors for the 8 combinations.  First, hetero pair or homo pair based on physical genders.  Second, orientations based on mental genders.  Third, male or female.  Let's take just one example from these categories: a mentally homosexual but physically heterosexual relationship between "a Gay Man Trapped in a Woman's Body" and a man with a mentally male gender who is attracted to a woman with a mentally male gender.  Now, you got the idea. 
     Gender came to an existence in the course of evolution as a tool for sexual reproduction, which is a powerful method for genetic variation, which in turn is a material for natural selection, which in turn is the core process of evolution.  Man and woman are attracted to each other to eventually result in mixing of their genome sets.  This is the whole point of "pair-bonding" behavior.  Sexual desire/instinct and the desire for personal intimacy have emerged to serve this "pair-bonding".  However, Nature is not that simple enough to show only the outcome originally "intended"(?).  Side effects always come up, sometimes, in very complex shapes.  As long as there are two genders and their respective corresponding neural circuits for "bonding" behaviors, there are rooms for switches between the two, whether it is orientation or mental gender.  Even though one half of the 8 categories cannot result in mixing of genome sets, they might still have some influence in the evolution, whether biologically or culturally.  Also the three "anomalous" heterosexual categories (mentally female man & mentally male woman, mentally female man & mentally female woman, mentally male man & mentally male woman) could have some sort of influence which we don't quite catch with our current science.
     This theory must sound too much provocative, and in order to be scientifically tested, it will need a series of comprehensive demographic research and statistical analysis based on interviews, a kind of research project that Alfred Kinsey had done for his ground-breaking report on human sexual behavior in the middle of the 20th century.
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i love this. thanks for posting/sharing your knowledge. question: do you like heterosexual sex? do you hink it's selfish to live as a woman althoug you are mentally a man because it is less .. how do you say "attractive" to be a man? is tis iseven a plausible identification, "gay man trapped in womans body" because if you truly were a man would it be that you would have to transition? or is it okay to be a woman, appear as one, but mentally and physically act like a man

you are really really smart!

To skarlas991: No, I've never heard of either Kurt Vonnegut or 'Slaughterhouse-Five'. But I don't consider myself genius. For most of my life I have identified myself as a mentally-male, and I find myself attracted to male not as a girl but as a guy myself. I have been asking these questions: "Am I abnormal? or just of a minority?", "Are there other people just like myself?", "Does this make any sense in terms of biology and humanity?", "How am I going to live my life to the fullest, being a gay man trapped in a woman's body?", ......etc. Having reflected on this part of my personality and the science on the origin of gender and the science of sexual behavior, and having observed behaviors of quite a few other people whom I suspect to be of my kind, I came to build this theory. Quest for truth frees us from suffering, I think.

Have you read 'Slaughterhouse-Five' by Kurt Vonnegut? Because this story has aliens in it that practically says what you wrote here. If you weren't inspired by Vonnegut, consider yourself genius.

Wow this is nice :D

i think that your theory reflects my experiences as a mentally male female. i wish I'd known about it years ago.