I thought of having a sex change before, but over the years learned to live in this female body and I'm too scared of cosmetic surgery. Going under the knife is just dangerous period. I don't know. I've just sometimes felt as though I'd probably feel better about myself if I was born a boy.
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I completely know how you feel and changing my sexual parts would be weird because im so used to what i already have. like i feel like id loose a lot of pleasure too. But i too feel like a gay male

Why does this fact about you turn me on? interesting...

LOL! Really? That's very interesting to know. I highly doubt most people would like that about me

I was bi sexual as a teen. Since then I have always had women, but have never been attracted to overly feminine women. I always liked the "Tomboy" types. I guess that is what peaked my interest.

I would think that would freak the average person out. My community (where I live) aren't so understanding about it. I'm everything that has a negative stigma

Thats nice, what's so bad about being girl?

What are you trying to assume that I said?

I didn't say anything disrespectful about females. All I said is what I, key word, I think about my own body and self.