Seeking My Other Half...

With so much to offer another person. It's hard to comprehend why I cannot find a Good Man who wants to share the rest of their lives together. So many guys want this but I am not sure why I cannot find him. I know I do not fit the Mold alot of gay men want, 6'0/Blonde/Blue/Built/Rich, etc. But what they do not have is so much of what I have to offer. Commitment, Devotion, Romantic, Caring, No Attitude. It's ashame to have all this inside and not be able to share it with someone. I've tried the bars, I've tried online, I've had friends try and set me up, I even joined Gay sports leagues. But nothing. I am not asking for alot, nor do I expect alot. All I want is a caring guy, who hopfully likes sports, and wants a LTR. It's very frustrating and I know I am not Young anymore, but there has to be my other half out there.
46-50, M
3 Responses Dec 1, 2011

I understand you so much. I have gone through all the different phases in my life. I know for a fact I am ready to find love again. It is just so difficult to find a mate that wants the same. I have tried dating but usually they really just want a hook up. I love to have sex but I am looking for more. So since nothing usually happens the first date I don't get the second one.

I can so relate, I can't find a guy to love me either. There are a couple guys I love, but one is straight and the other one has a boyfriend.

PLEASE Phone a gay help line and find out what Hobby or interest groups they know about. Someone in a hobby group might see l the " Real You " . Worth a try !!