My First Experience With My Cusin Brother

First of all I don't have a good English skill.I was 15 years old when this happened (now i am 25 years old). I have an uncle who lives in England for almost all the year and aunty divorced from him.Uncles son lived with him but he was in Sri Lanka as he went to a Sri Lankan School.Those days he was studying for Advanced Level. He is very handsome boy who take the attraction of all the person in the school,classes ,gym ,swimming club day I went to see him but on the time he was not at home .I jumped over the gate and get into the Garden and went around the home.I saw that there were some abnormal under wears which I never seen before(jock straps). I wanted to wear it and see how I am in that type of under wear. I took one of them and went to the bath room which situated behind the home and put out my clothes and wear that under wear. Suddenly I hurt a noise out side. I could not remove that under wear and get my clothes .... my god my uncles son was at the door step of the bath room. I was shamed  to look over last i looked at him and he was laughing. He asked me "You want it?" i said yes. I don't know how I said like that. Then he said come with me. Then he took me in to his room. The room was full of sexy pictures. H e closed the door and huge me. I was afraid but liked to that. Then he put me on to the bed and removed all of his clothes. My god he looked like a roman god in nude. Then he came to me and remove all my cloths. He kissed me and tald to suck his ****.But I never done like that before so i hesitated. Then he forcefully put his one in to my mouth and gave a mouth **** to me...aaaaaah....I liked his one more than 15 minutes. Then he took his one from my mouth and tokk my one in to his mouth and sucked. After 10 minutes he liked my ***. I was so afraid. Suddenly he put his one in to my ***..My god it was great..but there was a pain...Then he started to **** me. Minute by minute he increased his speed. He ****** me nearly 20 minutes and put his *** in my *** hole.Afterc that we had sex number of times. One year ago he went to England to live with his farther. I missed him so much.
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its so very nice story hope you see him soon.. i love your story ,,

Lovely story, I hope something works out for you.

Good story!