Oops, I Did It Again...

This story contains graphic details of a sexual nature. If this is not what you want to read, don't. This is a way of me expressing myself, flushing it out of the system. If you read any further is because you want to.

I have really tried to stay away from gay sex while I am trying to find my way. But each day steam builds and builds inside of me and I felt like I was about to explode!!!

The last time I had sex with a man (or anybody for that matter) was about 7 weeks ago. I am a very sexual person, with a very high sex drive...so not having sex is a big deal for me. I ********** at least 4 times a day, though more often than not it ends up being more. Still, as fun as playing with oneself can be, it can never substitute the real deal. So, after much deliberation, I decided to contact today one of the guys that I used to see more often.

Now this particular guy and I have great sexual chemistry. We are great in bed. I just don't know if he is the one and since my current situation precludes me from "dating", I really have never had the chance to cultivate a relationship with him outside of his sheets. Today I just needed to get laid.

The moment I called him he got excited. We hadn't spoken since January or February, but he immediately said that he wanted to see me. We decided that maybe tomorrow we would see each other during my lunch break, and after work I went to the gym. While I was at the gym he texted me telling me that he wanted me tonight. I told him I was sweaty and stinky...he said it didn't matter, that we could shower together. I rushed out of the gym to go see him

As I was driving I started getting hard in anticipation to our time together (I am getting hard as I am re-telling this story). All I could think as I was driving to his place was how much I missed his lips and his **** inside of me.

As I park in his drive way, he was outside waiting for me. I smiled and my **** hardened just a little bit more. He is just a couple of years younger than me. Blond , green eyes...he kind of looks like Robert Redford. The moment we went in we started kissing passionately, our tongues intertwined...I love to gently bite his lower lip. We could barely make it to his room and the minute we got there, the clothes came off.

My hands went immediately for the goods. He was so hard for me, I was so hard for him. I grabbed both are dicks and started jacking them. He felt thicker than ever. He is about 7". His balls felt full and I loved the silky sensation of his ball sack  I didn't care that I was dirty....I wanted his **** inside of me...but he pulled me to the shower.

Under the water we kept on kissing. We lathered each other. He slid his **** between my legs. I turned my back to him and stuck my *** out, offering it to him. He started soaping it up and the he slipped in a finger, and then two. I was so tight. I felt like I was in heaven. I got myself close to his body, turned my face to him and continued kissing as he embraced me from behind. It was time to take it to his bed.

We stumbled into bed together, our dicks intertwined. I climbed in top of him and started to make my way down, servicing each succulent nipple and tracing his his happy trail with my tongue. I finally reached my destination. I engulfed his enlarged member with my lips and went down on it hungrily. I took it all in my mouth, until my nose was touching his trimmed blonde pubes. I went at it for a while with no indication that he was close to *******. I took each ball in my mouth. Then he told me he wanted to **** me.

I laid down face down and he lubbed my *** and his ****.  He mounted me from behind, his weight on my back. He went in too fast and I yelped in pain...it had been 7 weeks for me since the last time! He went in again slowly. I lost my breath as he went in balls deep. My *** shute immediately adjusted to his girth and he started ******* me with gusto as he turned my face and kissed me deeply.

After a while, he flipped me over and held my legs by the ankles and spread me up like an eagle. As he ****** me I kept hitting my **** against his stomach and I would keep pulling him down to kiss me. At some point he slipped out for a moment and when he went back in I lost all control, shooting all over myself. He ****** me for a while longer until he pulled out and straddled me over my stomach. He jerked off until he came. I kept my mouth open, cause he is a shooter. The first shot hit my eye, face and mouth.  The rest all over my chest. I wiped my face with my hand and licked it. It tasted salty...good salty. We kissed, his *** mixing with our saliva. Then we cuddled until I had to go.

I came twice while writing this story. I don't know when I'll see him again. I don't know if this will develop into something more with him. But one thing I do know...I needed it and I enjoyed myself.  
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That just made me *** in my nappy


All that for you and more ;-)

😍 woohoo!!

I can't wait :)

Great experience! It gave me a raging hard on too. Love how passionately you write man!

Thank you!

Would kill to have an experience like that!!


Loved the story. It is so sexy when two gay males are together and get lost in homosexual passion. I imagined myself as your top lover and I would love to have a bottom b*tch like you.

I really get into the person I am with...I love to be passionate

It's something you needed to do, and even though you are married I can understand that. Just be sure you and your partner use condoms. You owe your wife that much.

Great story. hard just thinking about it.

oh so hot. wow I am rock hard. Your story made me feel as if I was there. I want that with someone again that I care about. I am so hard right now and it is not going to go away on its own. dam. :-)

whoaaaaaaaaaaa hot!! ^ ^ this story make me want 2 be **** ASAP!!