My Fourth Time

So its been a while that I havent talked to my ex thomas, but I didnt care about him anymore, cuz he had cheated with me and lefted me, so i was heart broken, but i finally moved on, so i focused on my school work cause it was my last year of high school, but after a while i heard thomas was going out with guy who he cheated on with me, i guess his name was phillip, but i didnt care, they were meant for each other.i guess, then after a while awhile i was started to get messages from phillip, so we were talking, and out of nowhere he was >flirting with me, that kinda shocks me cuz he is going with thomas, but all i can think was how thomas did me dirty, so imma do what he did to me, so i started to flirt back with phillip, and after that phillip started to like me alot and wanted to go out with me even tho he was with thomas the whole time, but i was only gonna use him to get back at thomas. then after a while me and phillip were hanging out, and phillip was trying to kiss me, so i thought this was perfect, so i let him, but he didnt know that was taking pictures of us kissing, but yeah after I send those pictures to thomas Anonymously and my face was covered tho, so yeah and then I told Phillip that i could never go out with a cheater, he didnt understand what i meant, cuz he has not idea what he did to me, but yeah after that, i heard thomas and phillip >broke up from the pictures i sent to thomas, so yeah my work here is done!
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Rarely do you find the right person on the first try, so be patient. But a suggestion: If you break up with someone, even if he's cheated on you, don't be vindictive. Don't send incriminating pictures. The word will get around that you're not a nice person, and then you might miss out on Mr. Perfect!