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I'm just turned 58. I live in the straight world though I am sure most people suspect that I am gay. I am not rich but comfortable, and feel that my life is f*&ing worthless. I can truly say that I have one gay friend that I talk to regularly but not deeply. We have never had sex nor do I want to with him. In the straight world, other than family I think there are only two people who I trust and at 58 how sad is that. I am sitting in my RV on a beautiful stretch of beach in Texas...alone. Even now I feel that I am boring people by being so down... All I think that I want is somebody to be or straight... that I can trust....will being here on the website change anything...I think not, but hope it will....just going to watch the waves roll in for a while.
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I'm sorry to hear about all the problems that you are having, I too am in the same boat. I feel very lost and confussed and still am trying to figure out who I am and where I belong. I feel your pain, when I read your story.

<p>I too am 58 and and like to be with a man. and I feel more comfortable when I have someone to talk to about my feeling, and what are my likes and dislikes in life are. However I too feel along at times. Just about all my family does not know about my Gay direction that i actually started realizing I had ,back with my first experience around 9 yr old with a friend experiment. I since then feel so much closer with being with a man. And showing my feminine side.</p>

I hear you and I understand what you are saying. My life is a very similar situation. The way I've been dealing with being an aging single gay guy is to continually reach out and make new friends. When a person is engaged in the lives of other people, I think it is a happier and healthier situation.

You will read here stories by gay kids who are 13 or 14 and say they want a boyfriend, my response is "Dude, why not just go out and try to meet a new friend? You're young and you don't have to be in an intense romantic relationship just yet."

I am in no position to give you advice. I am not a therapist. I have a lot of issues in my life and a lot of disappointments, lost opportunities, mistakes, and failures. Things are getting better for me because I'm taking stock of life and trying to create a happier situation for myself in the future. If you have goals and dreams, why not start working on those things? This year might turn out to be the best year of your life!