You Are Who You Are

I have noticed that there seems to be a lot of closeted people on here and I wanted to say something that may change the way you think or it may not; but I think you should read this and realise that if it’s who you are then be proud of that fact. There are so many people out there that are fake, they choose to be the way they are because its known as the social norm and they do it to score points and become part of a group, although it’s not who they really are; so why should you feel the need to be penalised for being yourself? The answer is you shouldn't, you should be proud.

I understand some people are scared to come out of the closet, there are so many opinions on being gay (Homosexual or Lesbian) that some individuals have forgotten that being gay does not define us, its just who we are and we are still people with human emotions and every time someone ridicules us or worse they should be able to realise that it hurts, but it also makes us stronger.

I have only been using EP for about 2 weeks now (by the way I didn't realise what EP stood for until yesterday, how silly do I look!) and I have noticed that there are a lot of people on here who are closeted and use this site as a release for who they really are; this saddened me. Mainly because we are still living in a society where being gay is taboo and that people still get shocked that gay people exist.

I do not know what it will take in this world for gay to be excepted throughout the world; I don't mean by every individual either I mean purely by every country, for them to realise its not a choice! It's just like being straight; did you choose to be straight? No, you didn't you were born that way.

Now I can go on and on about being gay, straight, and bisexual and so on and so forth but it wouldn't matter, being it’s just all words and labels. Society has become so wrapped up in social politics that it has forgotten that we are all people, whatever our gender, sexuality, race or religion we still need to same respect from the person next to us as much as you respect them.

I just want you to know that the people that are scared to come out or you would feel victimised if you did, that you are a beautiful person. You have nothing to be ashamed of and you were born to be who you are, not what someone tells you to be, you believe in what you are and who you are and good things will come to you.

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Well said

Yes I agree that we should all be proud of who and what we are,as I am.I'm proud to be a single father for almost. 20 my two sons, I'm proud to be a part of my community, I'm proud of being able to continue going on after the loss of my sons mother, yes I am proud of so many things.what I'm not proud of is that to some being gay defines them, like for whatever reasons everyone should know.what difference does it make? Im proud to be me is all that matters. Gay or not should never be an issue.

Not to be all political but society tends to define. I have a friend who is super sweet but says this is my gay lawyer friend and this is my gay hair dresser. So one day I introduced her as my straight bar owner friend. I think it made her think.
I am so glad you are a proud parent of your sons. That is awesome. Keep it up always.

to you own self be true is what I your stories.

totaly agree with ylu. i came out over 40 years ago aged 13. you can only be ur self. living a lie will not only damage u but the ones u love. gay is not a life choice it part of your uniqueness and so should be celebrated

Wow, this is brave, and confident, and really great to read. Thank you.

Thank you for this lovely encouraging message..I am one of those closeted gays you wrote about..Please read my story to see how tormented my life has been ..Again, thanks for your sweet message. Take care. mike. aka "iamwarped"

I love this! <3