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Sex At A Wedding With Wilhelm, The German Activist

I really didn't want to go to a wedding reception for a friend of the terminally ill man for whom I am caregiver and hoped instead for a rare period of solitude to myself. But the new bride's cousin, Wilhelm, here a week before the reception from his native German, convinced me. Born and bred in Berlin, I met Wilhelm a day after he arrived in the States and came quickly to admire and respect him for his social conscience. Picking up a comment I made about the growing discontent of the 2014 Olympic Games in Sochi (in Russia) because of that country's "anti-gay propaganda" laws, Wilhelm - openly gay, and proud of it - shared his activist efforts in Germany to erect a memorial exclusively for the gay victims of the Holocaust and conveyed pride that his country has a monument that honors the executed conspirators who carried out the last known plot to assassinate Adolph Hitler in July 1944, the episode on which the Tom Cruise-starring film "Valkerie" is based. Although Wilhelm spoke with a heavy German accent, his English was perfect. He was also incredibly handsome and probably would have nicely fit Hitler's vision of "the master race," blond and blue-eyed and bulging muscles in his arms and chest from disciplined years of workouts.

I arrived at the church for the wedding reception with the man who I care for and was led to seats near the new bride and groom. Shortly after our arrival, Wilhelm showed up took the empty chair between me and his newly wed cousin. While I supervised my "ward" in choosing what he could and could not eat, Wilhelm leaned into his cousin's ear and whispered something to which she nodded affirmatively and said, "Sure!" Wilhelm then leaned into my ear and whispered if he could see me "privately" and said his cousin would keep an eye on my friend. "Sure," I answered, to which Wilhelm rose to his feet and put a hand on my forearm to nudge me to mine. Leading me with his hand on my lower arm, Wilhelm walked me past a couple of restrooms used by guests at the reception and led me to a darkened hallway with another pair of bathrooms. Opening the door of one of the restrooms, Wilhelm turned on the light, took my hand in his and ushered me in before he closed and locked the door. Turning around to me, Wilhelm sad he'd "wanted to make love" with me from the night we were introduced because I was one of the "hottest and nicest" Americans he'd met and that he "respected" my "intelligence."

Before I said anything, Wilhelm locked me with his muscled arms of an iron man and planted his mouth on mine. From the moment Wilhelm locked me into his kiss, he gasped for breath as the passion in him surfaced and he began to gyrate his hips up and down against my crotch and I felt his **** swell beneath his dress pants. Wilhelm tightened his grip on me as he pressed my face deeper into his and, as I felt our tongues in each other's mouth, Wilhelm freed one of his hands and removed his suit jacket and began to unbutton his shirt. In the second after he'd lost his shirt and before he forced my head onto his chest, I saw Wilhelm's smooth chest, its muscled biceps bulging, a browned and already hardened nip and a majestic armpit that was thick with hair as blond as the hair on his head. My face on his chest, Wilhelm guided my mouth onto that brown, hardened nip I'd seen. Knowing what Wilhelm expected, I opened my mouth and first glided my tongue quickly back and forth, up and down, over his nip. As I did, Wilhelm breathed in deeply as if to catch his breath and uttered a prolonged and guttural, "Ah! Ah, yes. Yes!" As I tongued his nip, Wilhelm pressed his crotch deeper into mine and stepped up the intensity of his hips brushing his concealed **** against mine. As I sucked his nip, I reached behind Wilhelm and planted a hand on his back to push his chest harder onto my mouth. When I did, Wilhelm threw his head up, eyes looking upward, inhaled heavily as I felt his knees weaken slightly - and then he quickly removed my suit jacket and unbuttoned my shirt. When we were both shirtless, Wilhelm thrust his arm into the air and nudged my mouth from his nip into his heavily haired pit.

There, my tongue slinked through the heavy patch of hair. Wilhelm breathed in heavy gasps of air, now in a regular pattern, as I felt the damp of man-sweat in the palm of my hand against his back. Wilhelm tasted and smelled deliriously of sexual passion and musky sweat for the three or four minutes he held my head tightly in his pit as my tongue eagerly licked it. Sucking his pit against the sound of lusty and erotic approval, Wilhelm took his hand, ran it over my chest, squeezed a nip, then had his hand on the belt of my pants. He quickly got the belt unbuckled, unfastened my pants, pushed them beneath my hips and plunged his hand beneath my underwear and gripped my **** in his hand. Gently stroke it as one of his fingers slid over the ****-slit on the head, when Wilhelm felt the wet of my precum on one of his fingers, his passion accelerated even more: he took his hand from beneath my shorts and quickly - VERY quickly - undid his own pants and thrust them to his knees along with his own underwear. Taking both his hands on both my shoulders, Wilhelm pushed me onto my knees in front of him. There, for the first time, I saw Wilhelm's ****, an incredible and cut endowment of at least 9 inches long and more than two inches in circumference and standing fully erect from one of the thickest bushes of **** hair I have ever seen. As my own **** hardened at the sight of the thickness of the blond hairs of Wilhelm's **** bush damp with sweat and pre-***, Wilhelm thrust my face, my mouth open, onto his ****. Wilhelm didn't want his **** sucked slowly and gently: he locked my head so it couldn't move and pounded his rod in my mouth with a furious face-**** of ferocity and power. With each thrust of his **** in my mouth, my lips and nose were buried deep in Wilhelm's incredibly hairy bush. Powerless and not wanting Wilhelm to weaken his **** thrusts, I took his balls - round and hard - into my hand while my other hand reached up to tease the nip Wilhelm forced me to tongue just minutes earlier.

For nearly five incredible minutes that were filled with the force and taste of Wilhelm's **** being thrust in and out of my mouth and the constant groans of Wilhelm's erotic passion, I deep-throated all his manhood as I felt his nuts fill and harden in my hand. Then, from Wilhelm: "Ah, ah! I'm gonna shoot." And when Wilhelm came, he froze and clenched head tightly in his crotch as his **** exploded in my mouth. I nearly gagged at the force and volume of Wilhelm's *** inside of my mouth. Both of us sweating, I stayed on my knees for another minute as I drained Wilhelm's **** for every drop of *** I could get until he gently stepped back and lifted me to my feet while he knelt in front of me. Looking at Wilhelm in front of my ****, only then did I notice how my own **** had hardened to its full 8 inches and the stream of pre-*** that leaked from the ****-slit. Wilhelm clutched my **** in his hand as he tongued the head to take my pre-*** in his mouth. When he had it all, Wilhelm, in a single plunge, had all my **** in his mouth - and he sucked **** the way he forced me to at his. With an iron grip on my manhood, Wilhelm plunged his mouth up and down my **** shaft with quick and furious motions. Unlike Wilhelm, who withstood nearly five minutes of my mouth devouring his shaft, I was ready to blow within three minutes. "Wilhelm," I warned, "it's gonna ***." With that announcement, Wilhelm tightened the grip of his lips around my **** and gyrated his head more quickly back and forth as he took my **** so deep in his mouth that I felt Wilhelm's mouth and nose in my own hairy bush. Then, suddenly, with an intensity and passion I seldom felt, my **** released its *** load into Wilhelm's mouth and, as it did, Wilhelm moaned in a high groan of satisfaction as he milked my **** for every drop of ***, just as I had his ****.

I collapsed against the bathroom wall spent and dripping in sweat as Wilhelm rose to his feet and gently fell into my chest. There, Wilhelm took my face into both his hands and gently French-kissed me while I reached behind him and caressed his ***, by then damp with sweat. There wasn't much time for Wilhelm and me to do more than a mutual ****-sucking, and we did a quick clean-up at the sinks in the bathroom before we dressed and rejoined the wedding party. We got our chance for more a few nights later, the day before Wilhelm returned to Germany. He somehow arranged to get his cousin to my apartment to watch the man I care for while Wilhelm and I used her bedroom. That night, along with another round of mutual ****-sucking, Wilhelm and I ****** each other, the first experience I had with what Wilhelm cracked to be his "Nazi ****."

I don't know if Wilhelm will get back to the States for another visit with his cousin. If he doesn't, I've wondered about the odds of my getting appointed as a goodwill ambassador to Berlin.
cmmacneil cmmacneil 41-45, M Sep 14, 2013

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