Being Gay, Nothing Wrong With It Right?

I live in the South. Its not very easy coming out , let alone dealing with all of the "stuff" that come along with it.  Im just now "out" and am looking to see where I fit. My life has changed so much not that I am no longer "straight" . Friends have abandoned me , family for the most part has turned away, how can someone be hated for who they are?

Tazchi Tazchi
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well said wood!

Its not right you have / we have to label ourselves we are just ppl that love is all ..not a crime we are not throwing stones..we only express lov and whom we are ..

Thank Blubl<x>ink I agree with you 100% I hope your family is open and accepting of who you are.

On my part, i've already told most of my friends and officemates about me being gay. Im glad they all accepted me for who I am. And now, my dilemma is how to tell my family that I am gay and I am in love with someone seriously. I want them to be a part of my happiness. I just hope that someday they will be able to accept for who I am. For me, there's nothing wrong from being gay or lesbian. The wrong thing ends with the people around you who cannot accept and understand your situation. For me, for as long as your doing no harm to other people, it's fine, and i believe that being gay does not harm their people. I believe that there's something better will come into your life. don't lose hope. just keep on proving them that your a good person even though you are gay. just show them that being gay is not being a sinner.

Retired you are SO right!


It may take some time, but hang in there. Things will get better. You just have to realize that if the people who used to be your friends aren't any more, well, they never really were your friends in the first place. I know it's the oldest cliche in the book, but it's true. As for the family, well, that can be tricky sadly. My dad abandoned me for almost 5 years, and I don't know if he would have come around if I hadn't nearly died from a bad case of bacterial meningitis. I guess my point is, things are better now for me, and I'm sure they will be for you too. Stay strong, be yourself, and don't give up.

You should NOT be hated for who you are, you should be loved, respected, appreciated, and cherished. If you are not, you should get away from there. I understand it being difficult being gay where you are, I have had a similar experience myself. But I never quit hoping there was a better place for me where I'd fit in and be happy. I have that now. believe me, if I could make it, so can you. hang in there, be strong, always be yourself and if you should ever need someone to talk to, i'm right here, <br />
best, <br />