New guy at club to boots had original laces in...a dead give away
In noticed he had zip back bleachers on and after a few drinks asked him if he knew what they ment.
He rather sheepisly said yes ..a sub boi. Asked him if he knew what my 30 hole dm white laced ox blood boots ment.
he looked at the ground n said yes sir. So I followed him to the bog when he went to empt his bladder
And noticed his rear zip was down...well we took residence in a cubical and I welcomed him to the club by using his peach hole as a respetical for my man seed
thegaychef thegaychef
56-60, M
1 Response Aug 20, 2014

Always learn new stuff from you! Those white laces are a magnet for subs. Back home after an evening out with my mate, a shaved-headed thick set top, I'm soon down on my knees worshiping his boots, undoing his white laces for him. If I'm slow I get my head slapped, his way of showing affection.

Yes pat licks m boots clean n if their not good enough he gets the steel toe caps in his bollocks..he leaves em delibertly sum times as he luv tourched balls.And of course I always **** on his head while his licking away