About 7 months ago I was watching a movie ( nothing bad but it was gay based ) and my dad walked in on me, and basically asked what it was (in the mean dad voice). So I told him I was bi. Then he made me go tell my mom and it just went all down hill from there. About 3 weeks later they tell me to pack my bags because we where going to Mississippi. I did some investigation myself and found out they where really taking my to a Christian counselor. Instead of loving me with open arms they sent me to some dude that said being gay is a sin and bla bla bla. My parents had taken every device that I had. So no tumblr, no Facebook, no nothing. So to all my friends I kinda went off grid. Fast forward 3 months and everything was going great until I reopened my tumblr account. My mom came into my bedroom and got on my computer and saw gay **** basically. They relationship was torn for a second time. Fast forward again 3 months and I finally got all my stuff back. I'm still gay or bi or what ever you want to call me. Nothing is going to change that. I just want to be one of the experiences to tell you that it will get better with time. Time really does heal all wounds. :)
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