I'm Bi! I Just Want A Friend Ho Understands Me And Can Talk.

I'm 14 bi. I love my life! hate my dad but that's another story! Unlikw some lgbt teens i dont get bullied i am not out but i am the most popular kid in my school and like state. everyone loves me. only 3 people know im bi my best friend and then two others. of course i have curshes on guys how could i not their just so hot. and i love girls too. My problem is there is no guy i can talk to about my feelings and day and everything in my life. i want a gay friend. to make story short. so please help me out. add me and comment!
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9 Responses May 9, 2012

I'm here if you want. I'm bi ;)

If u want u can talk to me I am bi too

I'm bi and you are welcome to talk to me

hi. you can talk to me if you want. anyone else?

You're more than welcome to talk to me if you want :) I don't have anyone to talk to either.

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Me 2! I don't get teased but no one except my closest friend knows though

what can i say , i m just saying that i m also popular in my state i think i'll go popular in my country soon ;p but some inside i don't like my life coz there are many problem but now i m positive thinker so i know i can fix it up

im bi too