What Gets Me Through The Day

This is the scenario that gets me through the day:

I pull up to his white house in the nicer part of town. I see the curtain to his living room open a little, checking to see if it's me. Not being able to wait any longer, he's out the door in the blink of an eye. He walks over to my jeep, smiles, and whips open the door. It's freezing out, so he shuts the door quickly and grabs my hand to warm his up. He knows I'm always warm...especially when I’m around him. I give him a quick peck on the lips, and as I pull away to drive, he pulls me in for a longer kiss. I run my hand through his long (for a guy. his hair is about 4 inches long), black hair. We disconnect, as I smile and say, "we're going to miss the movie." We make it to the theatre in light traffic, but heavy snow....f ucking central New York. I pay for his ticket, and the girl at the ticket booth blushes, seeing two guys obviously together...Not blushing in a mean way. It's almost as if she's thinking "awww. how cute." We sit near the back of the theatre and enjoy the movie. I keep my arm around him, for the whole movie. We feed each other individual pieces of popcorn, and giggle romantically without annoying the people in front of us. We walk to an Italian restaurant in the same plaza as the movie theatre, and walk in. (I hold the door for him, obviously.) We share an appetizer of Italian greens, and I order the CNY chicken riggies (with the creamy sauce, not the tomato like the rest of the country). He gets the veal Parmesan. We share a tiramisu for dessert and feed it slowly to each other. We venture through the cold snow holding hands to the jeep, and I bring him home. I pull up to the same white house, and feel kind of sad that the night was over. He says the most magical words in the world, "my parents won't be home until tomorrow." I almost die. A whole night ALONE with him: the guy I want to call the love of my life. I kill the engine, run around to the other side of the vehicle, and carry him newly-wed style to his own front door. I kiss him once before I set him down to unlock the door. We take off our coats and shoes while somehow keeping our lips locked. Maintaining the rhythm of kissing. Slow, but powerful movements, like waves in the sea. Imagine how hypnotists tell their patients to breathe slowly. Keep that rhythm in mind, and double it. Each time I “push” with my lips, should be an in or out breath. I romantically push him onto the couch and get on top of him, nibbling on his ear. I whisper, "are you sure you're ready for your first time?" He said, "As long as it's with you." I replied, "I was talking to myself," and we both giggle quietly. It's tonight. The night that I've been waiting for my entire life. Making love with the man of my dreams. I take off his plaid flannel shirt, button...by button....by button...by button...by button. "I love you," I say. He smiles as if he had heard what he had wanted to hear since birth. "I love you, too. I love you so much." I continue to kiss his lips, and I take off his A merican Eagle maroon t-shirt, which brings out his deep brown eyes. I place my left hand around him on the small of his back and my right on the back of his right shoulder, caressing him. I kiss his chin. His neck. His sternum. His stomach. I take off his tan leather belt and unbutton the one button to his dark wash A bercrombie Jeans. Our lips reunite, and I run my right hand down his back until i feel his butt. I accidentally tickled him, but we both giggle softly without losing intimacy. I keep my palm on the small of his back as if it belonged there. While we slowly kiss, I move my right hand farther around his back to his right hip. I love him so much. As I did before, he takes off my shirt and kisses his way down the front of my body. He took off my jeans, and put his fingers on the elastic of my underwear. He pulls them down. Then we keep going...
I wake up to the most beautiful sight I have ever seen: him sleeping next to me. We had fallen asleep in his bedroom the night before. We’re still cuddled together, my body warming his. I just lay there and enjoy the paradise I’m in. A few minutes later, he opens his eyes and smiles at me. We look into each other’s eyes, and I kiss him. I say, “Good morning, love.” He turns, so we’re my stomach is against his back. We spoon and fall back asleep.

Unfortunately, this hasn’t happened to me, yet. I really, really hope it does.
pendragon0072 pendragon0072
18-21, M
Jan 14, 2013