I am a closeted gay guy and there is this cute boy I like in my class and two days ago he sat next to me on the bus. I couldn't stop staring at him, I was wondering if he saw me stare at him during class but he didn't mention it. Instead, we talk about normal things. Ugh i wish I knew if he was gay or bi, he is athletic and always wears tight shirts that show his biceps which are kind of big. I need advice and friends like me thx for listening to this.
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My tip; When an awkward silence appears, say this: "My cousin just talked to me about some gay people. Adam Lambert or something... What you think about those people?" I don't know if it works... but good luck.

you have some good advice, my idea is just to spend some time with him and see if he has an agenda. you never know if you invite him over to watch a movie. see what happens.

Be a friend with him and talk about everything under the sun for some weeks. During that time see if he brings up anything about gays or bis and judge from how and what he says what his attitude towards them are. Once you know that, if he shows he definitely is not tolerant of them, then go very carefully with him and do not come out to him, but if he shows that he is ok with them then you could begin on odd occasions to bring that sort of subject into the conversation and could maybe after a good bit of time ask a question like, "If (name a jock in you both know) told you he was bi what would you do?" and see how he answers such a direct question.
This is kind of how I came out to my boyfriend, only he had guessed for ages that I was either bi or gay and because he knew he was bi he wanted me to be too and that is probably why we clicked in the first place and became good friends

please add me, wanna talk... I could share my experience

just be friends with him.. if he is gay, he will probably think the same.. and if he isn't you have a good friend.. you'll see what happens.. but don't come out to him straight away.. You only tell him if you think that he'll understand you..

and thx for the advice


Dude. School bullies can be very harsh. Be careful.what if he outs you before you are ready. I say hold up. Do you have anyone to talk to.

that's the more intelligent answer. First Know each other. Then, if he is ur next boyfriends.... he'll be for you.