Better And Happier This Way

I think I was always gay, I just didnt realize it untill I got to high school. I started to like one of my close guy friends. I remember crying because I wasent happy.. I thought of how I would disappoint my family. I never thought I would ever tell anyone.. But I did. I told my close friend, SHE was ok with it and turned out to be transgender... I was surprised and happy because I finally had a friend that understood me.. THE REAL ME! Anyways.. I told more closer friends which made me think... Im happy like this, even though im different I love who I am... Just im too scared to tell THE WHOLE WORLD! one day that time will come... I just hope I get the same respect I do now.
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2 Responses Dec 11, 2011

I respect you , one for not being afraid to tell your friend. But more so , for being able to come out and post it here in cyberspace. I feel that no matter what your preferances are , your still human. Humans should all be treated the same way we want want ourself to be treated. :P so it makes sence, to respect all those who are gay right ? :D cant see why people find that so hard to understand !

I know the feeling mate.