My Story/complications Of Being A Gay Teenager.

I always knew I was gay. I never really said to myself "oh you're gay." Being gay was just always my nature. I would look at a guy and see him as attractive and I never thought twice about it. Once I entered High School it began to get to me. It was just so hard to hold it from everyone, but I knew I couldn't tell everyone, at least not yet. I eventually opened up to one of my best friends. She was completely accepting and said it doesn't change who I am at all. About a year later, I told my other friend who basically said the same thing but wondered why it took me so long to tell her. She was glad I told her. I have a friend online, sort of a boyfriend, but he is far away and that obviously leads to some complications. He told his parents and it inspired me to tell my Mom. She was completely accepting and loves me for me. She actually said her and my Dad always knew. Those are the only four people that know so far however. Things are difficult, not because I am upset I am gay, I am proud of it. But I know I cannot tell the world right now, it would complicate my life which is already complicated between high level classes at school and extra curriculars. The guy I talk to online is amazingly sweet and cute and I know that if he lived near me I could easily fall for him. I just wish I could have someone to hold, cuddle with, and share things with in person. I hope eventually that will come, but I don't know how, or when.
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don't worry once too collage or out in real wolrd you be able to be with family(a.k.a lgbt people)

Hey chat me whenever u like, I'm a little younger but had the exact same experience. I'm 14 but I accepted being gay when I was almost 14. Its been a long journey, I have an online "friend" too, and I would love to chat.