Hey Everyone

I am new here and would like to talk with another gay teen about stuff. Anyone out there?
Megtron15 Megtron15
13-15, M
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im 14 and gay, message me, i feel so confused about the whole thing and dont know what to do

Lets talk sometime, me anything

Me too ! Y'all can add me cause in on here all the time. But I'm here for being gay.

Hey i'm new also and would chat with anyone who would like to talk. I'm gay and starting to get to being fully out, wishing I could be. Anyone wanna chat?


yo it sucks big time we can't talk to anyone over 17 and can't join most of the groups!! There are cool and cute people over 17!!!!

hehe but i m like mature guys :P

I have someone 4 u!!

Hey<br />
I'm new here too, and I'd love to chat. I only really know a couple of gay people, and the only one I see often is kind of... predatory in a not so nice way. Anyways, I'd love to talk to someone not quite so creepy if you ever want to chat :)