The Only Thing I Need

Hi, it's me i am a 14 yo' gay (who for some reason keeps nearly writing 13 :/ lol) who just wishes one thing. All i want is a boy! a boy who will lok after, a boy who will care for me, a boy who i will be with for the rest of my life, a boy... who loves me! I have had such a harse chiled hood finding out i'm gay. Even though i am not open i have still had loses, i have had to avoid the boys i am sexualy attracked to, as i'm scared i will be found out and expelled from my famialy and social group. If any of you have the love of your life whether it be a gay partner or straight partner, u don't know how luckey you are to have a sweetie in your life! I hope i can find a love and thankyou everyone who has helped me and became my friend here on E P. Please do not hesitate to give me advice in the comments or message as i need it all and i would really be thankful. Do i admit myself to others? Do i still avoid the ones i wish to have coitus with? What do i do if i come out and everyone expells me? This is killing me everytime i think about it. ThankYou - Keep Well, G.B.B.1998
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Hey im 16 bi n white well i think im bi idk u wanna snaochat fir a good time?;) add me @plkid

Hi :D

Im 14 years old

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i know how you feel, im 14 and gay and I want to be with a guy but there is no way I will let anyone know im gay. i feel so lost, message me

hey I know the feelings u have. I would love to have some one by my side. some one to love me and care for me like how I would do to them. but I see it takes time. but yea I wouldn't avoid ppl and just try to be you. im not saying tell all but don't lie about who u r. and if ppl really care about you they will except you for you. it might be hard at first. like I told my dad I was gay and he wouldn't talk to me for a long time but now we talk he wont be ok with it and denies im gay but we talk and all is kind of better and time will make it even more better. but be strong and before u know it the right guy will b in ur life

Why does it suck so bad for us??? Sometimes gay seems like the right way

i know how you feel. im in love with a boy from my 8th grade school but he is straight. i dont really talk to him anymore in fear i will come outto him and be rejected. these feeling are so hard to cope with and we just have to deal with them

Hey i'm 13 years old and am gay to i would love to talk to you i haven't told really anybody about my relationships we should email and i could give you my skype

Some people may treat you diferent, but believe me, the people that really care about you will support you, I had the same doubts you have when I was your age, dont you worry, things will clarify as you grow up ;)

I feel the same way... check out my story under the am gay section. Trust me, I know what you're going through

Try spell check , your spelling is really bad , no excuse when you can check it, sorry if that sounds abrupt.

I used my phone so thts my excuse, im in top english so if i spelt summut wrong it a typeo