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So I said in my last story that my mom was uncomfortable talking about my sexuality ya it still makes her uncomfortable but she came in to my room one day and said that she had found this book she wanted me to read about being safe as a homosexual and said that she worried about me a lot which is so much better than being uncomfortable about the whole thing
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to start of im 24 years old....I’ve always been late with all that I do. Very apathetic, and I still haven’t gotten around to telling my parents, and I think I will never tell my parents. My mother has confronted me about it several times she usually yells, and says she needs to know, because it makes her feel disgusted. She always says anyone can be gay, but you. Problem is that even though I have a partner in life, I’m very unhappy with my life. Therefore if one day I can afford a house, and my own rent hopefully I can tell my parents. But I’m so apathetic about it…. it’s like I don’t like to talk about it because I feel it’s not important. Therefore if you want to come out to your parents I wish you the best, and I admire you for it. But if you feel like your parents will not support you I say wait until, you can live on your own incase they do not accept you. Best wishes.

I see that ur mom is trying to cope with u being gay. That is a great step in getting comfortable. My parents on the other hand try to ignore the fact that I am gay and live their lives in their fake world. BUT Hey I am happy that ur mom is trying to understand u. ^_^ LOL!!! I wished my parents would do that.

I have told them and they deny it. LOL!! I hope they do accept it. If not then they are only making it harder on themselves.LOL!!!

Well I do think they still love me but there's no point in loving in what you want and not everything that is there. LOL!!! But you are right. They probably still love me as I am their son.