The Change In My Life

The change in my life happened when i moved to a small town far away from my old town. This place i thought i would not fit in because i was different. By how i am a proud and out gay guy. The first day at my new school was very awkward. by how im so use to of knowing everyone and seeing my sisters and brother (best friends). after a while i made a couple of friends that are way better than some of the old ones that i had. I told my new friends that im gay. thats how i met a very nice and cute guy. I found out that this small religous town is very excepting of the LGBTQ people. I would of never of thought that a small town would be excepting but it is. I have made tons of new friends that i think we will be even after we graduate.

I would say that it does get better!
tpJonesy tpJonesy
22-25, M
Nov 26, 2012