I Think I'm Gay, Or Bi...

I started to like my best friend a little too much last year, and it scared me, that I might be gay...and I lost feelings for that person though..but I still seem to like girls in some ways, and grown apart from liking any of the guys at my school...and liking some girls there but I don't know them well. I don't really know what to do..no other girls seem to be like me, except one, but they started to be mad at everyone, and ignore me...I want to help her, and I think she is gay also, because of how close she became, while I was at her house....but now I'm just confused...
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I'm kinda like that I like girls but when a mate put his hand on mine it felt so nice and It turned me on a little and now I always think of him and when were swimming I can't stop looking at his sexy body and thinking how I'd love to make out with him in the toilets

Okay then, I will make sure and do that. I have come to realize that I am Bi, I still have a more liking to girls than guys, just because they understand me better, since I'm a girl also. I'm not confused anymore ^^

Just be your self n it all comes around


This is usually a phase all teens go through, and you either get passed it or stick to it. Take time to get to know yourself and how you feel, it will come to you. (:

Okay, thanks :)