i am a teenager and i havent known my identity since highschool... i knew that i was gay when i had my first crush, and it was a boy and he was my classmate.. i havent been inlove with a girl before so i figured that i might be gay.... i am very confused because its been 3 years and the boy thay i had a crush on is my friend, i couldnt tell that he was gay but same as me he never had a girlfriend before even though his very handsome and was a dream boy of all the girls in school..... some say his gay because he never had a girlfriend and hangs out with girls more often and doesnt want to hang out with boys except for me....
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so did you ever talk to him? i missed a lot of good chances in life hiding who i was, i wish i had come out when i was in school but back then it really wasnt accepted. you want to talk add me im a good listener

You can't tell that someone is gay by appearance. I assume from what you say that no one knows that you are gay, and if that is true, it is a very difficult thing to live with. So at some point you are going to have to face up to it. First, do your parents know? If not, do you have the sort of relationship where you can talk to either your mom or dad? Sooner or later they will have to know, and they may already suspect it anyway. So, before you take the next step you need to have a support system in place, and parents might be a good place to start, but you will have to decide that.

Second, when you are with your friend you could just say casually, I don't know whether you have picked up on it, but I am gay, and I hope that doesn't affect our friendship. If he is a decent friend he will accept it and it won't matter. You may be surprised when he says, me too..... Sometimes you have to take some risks in life.

Wow good advice