i am a teenager and i havent known my identity since highschool... i knew that i was gay when i had my first crush, and it was a boy and he was my classmate.. i havent been inlove with a girl before so i figured that i might be gay.... i am very confused because its been 3 years and the boy thay i had a crush on is my friend, i couldnt tell that he was gay but same as me he never had a girlfriend before even though his very handsome and was a dream boy of all the girls in school..... some say his gay because he never had a girlfriend and hangs out with girls more often and doesnt want to hang out with boys except for me....
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so did you ever talk to him? i missed a lot of good chances in life hiding who i was, i wish i had come out when i was in school but back then it really wasnt accepted. you want to talk add me im a good listener