First Love

Hey There, My Name Is Francisco, and i bet i could write many stories about
heart break and how every single gay male always fell for the wrong guy. A Straight Guy.

Carlos: All you Queers Are The Same!
Those word Broke my heart it killed me inside
but decided to get over it. when school began i had 4 classes with him and sat
next to him in all four. we never spoke until one evening in the locker room he ask if
i had deoderant as if he didn't know who i was i wanting to say no knowing had to say no said yes
and passed it on."we killed them out there those cheating mother ******* have no chance against us".
Speaking of our opponents in gymnastics. then one day in may parent out of town a loud banging on the door...
Carlos! Bleeding and sore laid on my bed as he told me how he had gotten jumped by our opponents.i Massaged his body as he spoke. i tell him to sleep on my bed as i grabed the couch and he insisted how it was my house that he
takes the couch we both ended up in my bed when i confess that i haven't had my first kiss and he kisses my cheek and says was it everything u hoped for? i kiss him back and say yes every single detail. and slowly but surely i went
down and took it slow worrying bout not hurting him. and there it was my first blow job he had lub in his bag as if he new what was going to happen. i was in top of him trying everything i ever saw in **** and ect. we did it there as he got on top and whispered in my ear i ******* love u and right there he came. if i was to be a female would have been pregnant now. we didn't speak till senior year but it was worth it prom he announced he loved me as there was a rumor that i had tried to kill my self that night. he had confessed for me. i ran up and ask him what he was doing shockingly every one one supported us and said to kiss now its our  sephmore yr at N.Y.U and do it as if it was our last day together... Never Losee FAITH


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This would never happen at my school, we would get destroyed my all the homophobes right then and there, glad you were so fortunate. :)

your soooo lucky a lot of people envey you i know i do

Hi, hope you will please add me I like your writing your Francisco I.m Frank