I love my video games! Still enjoy playing Pokemon, diablo 3, Mario kart, smash bros, final fantasy and the resident evil series!
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G-A-M-E-R not gayner
Do u play Skyrim if so what race?

No I've tried it but couldn't really get into it!

Currently playing diablo 3 reaper of souls on xbone

Unless you are gay, you might not want to call yourself a "gaymer". People might misunderstand. Apart from that, well I had a major FF addiction for a decade. In fact, anything Squaresoft produced during that time I would try.

I am gay hence why I used the word gaymer! Yeah squaresoft do make some really good stuff

Well brother, thanks for your honesty! I am a straight butch male and I've had many gay and lesbian friends. In fact, the fellow who introduced me to my ex wife is gay. Unfortunately, she got him in the divorce.:-( He is a true Whovian, and I miss our conversations about The Doctor. Any way, I was mad for square products in the '90's. Besides FF, I went after Chrono Cross and Vagrant Story, mastered them both.:-) I recently sold all those games and manuals. There was nothing left to do! What do you like that's contemporary?