Its Obvious, I Am Geek

Well, my path to geekdom started at the small age of what, 3 or 4? My dad brought home this ancient IBM thinkpad that had a mickey mouse game on it which i played. Imagine that, i started with a laptop.

Anyways, like the guy before me I don't mind being a geek. After all, 'geek' is being used less and less as a derogatory term.

I prefer working on my own, and therefore am not entirely sociable. I can stand at the train station and just enter my own world for that 12 minute duration. I don't have a wide social circle, and have come to the conclusion that  I may come off as arrogant and stand-offish to people.

Computers are my life and I have been scolded/nagged at one too many times for spending time on it... the internet in particular. What i lack socially, i make up on the internet. It's being connected to another world. Anonymity in place, i can do anything without fear of anything.

My mind is my haven, and i like it that way.
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2 Responses Nov 10, 2006

haven't you heard its the in thing this year geek is sheek

Nice.:) I am not very social either, and I make up for it with computer too. Plus I love technology.:)