I'm Okay With That

I think me being a geek entirely depends on the kind of person who thinks that I am one. I think I'm a geek, but in a way that is endearing and sweet. Peers thinking I'm a geek, just don't know me that well and it's more of an insult. Friends thinking I'm a geek, just means they think I'm "cute" if you know what I mean.
I can really be either. My little brother's friends all think I'm cool. That's because I mess with my brother and I'm not entirely unappealing. But really, I'm a geek.
I like Zelda, and I have a small collection of comic books under my bed. I've read the Harry Potter series 11 times, and I sometimes wear my hair in pigtails. I think that The Big Bang Theory is one of the greatest shows on TV, and it's mostly because I understand a large percentage of what Sheldon is saying (thank you higher education).
So I'm cool to pre-teen guys, cute to my friends, weird to certain other peers, but utterly and adorably geeky to me. I'm okay with that.
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2 Responses May 17, 2012

a geek is one who is too focused on an ob<x>ject. needs to be shaken up vigorously by all means to come to social life. the only way to make a geek feel good is to interact with geek in topics they love and then throw in a poem or a story to make them happy and divert their mind from their focus. this helps a geek a lot.<br />
so i give a rose to you and say 'stop focusing on what u are doing and focus on me for 1 minute and read my heart out :)

And that is all in the "Awesome" category in my book. Especially the Big Bang Theory, Zelda, and Harry Potter :)

So, I guess you're a little bit of a geek too?

Yes, and proud of it haha :)