I Soooooooo Am

I kind of figured that out when one day we were assigned an essay for homework and I got into one of those inner Squee! moments. I loooooove essays. Something about having structure with not TOO many restrictions is just really... nice. Except not 'nice' because that's not the word I'm looking for.

Work is fun, good grades make me giddy as melted cheese, and getting up in the morning has its benefits. I like school for its learning aspects. Being able to learn and knowing that is soooo awesome. But that's all.

I actually have many geekish qualities but they are so utterly geekish that typing them up would just be too much.

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1 Response Sep 14, 2008

I was always one of those people who were shy during class unless I was with my friends or if I had to give a report/presentation.<br />
I took a BioII class my senior year and I did a presentation on the Tasmanian Tiger (Thylacine) and everyone else in the classes presentations weren't as good as mine (including the guy who is working for Best Buy's Geek Squad now).<br />
I loved doing presentations and reports.<br />
<br />
However if I had to make up something off the top of my head, I was screwed!