I Can Not Be the Only One....

Who will sit home Friday because Battle Star Gallactica is almost over .....

OK - yeah. I'm a geekette :) Looking for a tall dark handsome geek *sigh* LMAO  -- too funny --

*ugh - I need a life!! *

MizzBlue72 MizzBlue72
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13 Responses Feb 28, 2009

if you like Battle Star Gallactica your kids might like doctor who

When it gets past the 32k COCO (radio shack) I start to get lost. I did build a 10w 10meter rig—tube.

The hottest, sexiest, and wildest women have been those considered Geekettes, of course, I've always been somewhat of a non-traditional nerd...

Yes, Miss Blue, day dreaming helps me to stay sane. At times the agenda is anything but normal. Thanks for letting me bend your ear.<br />
Space Odyssey 2001 the show ended old ‘what’s his name returned to infancy when he witnessed the epocolic (spell).

well thank you lean bc --- thanks so much!!

Will I be going back to far with “Outer Limits”. If not you could look it up on TVtome .com. <br />
To refresh myself I go to my own science fiction world. Just take a rest under a tree on one of these warm afternoons and ‘fantasize’. There now, you can be the captain of your own ship. <br />
When I come down and land; I get the story confused before I can get it scripted. It will happen one day. You and the world will be mesmerized by my trip.

Agreed - love science fiction, and pulp fiction for that matter XD

I enjoy star wars and space odyssey. Face it-it’s all science fiction. The future is a get-away from the present; but after the credits roll we are still here.

*sigh* I know ..... I am going to netflix Farscape though. Someone told me that was really good :)

Time to hunt for the new jewel to watch, or take up a similarly geeky hobby.

Ne too. I am going to netflix it again and watch it over .... I know that they are launching the new show Caprica I think?? I may watch that - I hate prequels though ...

I know!! I LOVE BSG:)

What is better than watching Battlestar? That IS the good life!