Being A Gemini Is A Pain In Tha Butt!!!!

hi im katelyn and im a true gemini,as we are for toled as being split that would be cool if it diden't annoy others!!! One minuet i can be bubbly,chatty and socialable like geminis are normally like,but then 5 minuets later i go into what my friends call my 'black time' were i am moody sullen conniving snappy and a nervous wreck!!!! My friend sometimes get reallly annoyed with me 9most of my friends are taurus and aries the calm quiet and balance type so they dont understand geminis) my black times come on when i dont get my own way i no i sound like a spoilt brat but i cant help it!!! aparently all geminis are like this welll i havent met one yet who is split..........................
lilmisskitkat lilmisskitkat
13-15, F
1 Response Aug 4, 2010

Sounds like being young mainly.