Gemini: Two Very Different Parts To One Whole Person

 The saying goes " A house divided against itself cannot stand". This is true for an ordinary thing. Not for a Gemini. Geminis are not crazy like every one likes to think. We just show the extremes of common emotions and can and will flip between polar opposites. That does not mean we are crazy. We are emotionally expressive. Aside from being emotionally reactive we make really great friends. Our sympathy allows us to form bonds with other people while our opinionation and matter of fact attitude strenghten those bonds. Routine can be our best friend and worst enemy. We are truthful beings who expect nothing less from the people we associate with. The 2 sides are one in the same.
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I'm not crazy!? Oh that's a relief! Just Kidding! but really with a Gemini most people assume are just some fun bubbly crazy person which is really an ALOT more complicated filled with almost a kindve war between good and bad twins

very true, but we are some how very complicated too.we even do not understand our selves, some time i feel we belong to an other planet alien on planet earth,any way its not a blessing i feel,we are damn romantic and go for many loves in life but we know we are pursuing and finding our first love in every new love.<br />
We are the people,between religion,spirituality and romance in every thing.<br />
Gemini community have not to agree with me, I wrote what i feel.

my bf is a gemeni and I def think you are all crazy lol jk. but he doesn't seem to think he has this but i know he does, he loves me more than anythi ng sometimes and others throughout the yrs we were together has treated me like the dirt on the floor. you're a confusing bunch sometimes.

Damn. You tell it how it is. That's exactly how I feel about myself. We ain't crazy! Thank you x

Right! Its kinda hard dealing with our duality let alone helping others deal with it also!

You are welcome! We are always getting a bad rep. Especially Gemini women.

I agree completely. People always make it as though Geminis are like.... Bipolar.<br />
This is not so.<br />
You said it perfectly and I appreciate that.<br />
Thank you. :)