Half Crazy, Half Nuts, All Gemini

For me being a Gemini has always meant being able to look at both "sides of the coin", to be able to argue any matter from one side of the debate one minute and counter my own argument the next. Multi-tasking and problem solving for me have always been easy and I have partially accounted for this to my ability to think about a situation from more than one point of view.

On the flip side though it also means that I often think too much and find myself over debating issues about my own life. To be impulsive is someting that does not come naturally to me as I have to think about it (kind of a contradiction, no?). It also means that, at least for me, I can be "two people" (or more) depending on the situation, caring and understanding one day, short tempered and judgemental the next.

Being a Gemini has been a source of great delight and interesting problems over the years, but in the end it is who I am, a person who has made a great many mistakes but is learning from them to make his own life a better place for himself and everyone touched by it.
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Its all good until I over debate to the point that I see both sides of the coin so well I can't make a choice...ahhh to be a Gemini!

Sounds like me. How do you all stay focused to complete tasks?

lol - multi-task, to actually work on a single task for more than an hour is boring / mind-numbing, so I have to keep myself busy on multiple levels, usually I have three "projects" that I am working on at the same time, bouncing from one to the other - that's what keeps me sane.

I am a gemini and i totally understand you. Finally someone who can look at both sides of something. That is me. I never really know which way to go. I don't know about you but I always seem to fall for Scorpio's. Ever run into that situation? LOL

Can't say that i have a habit of falling for anyone as my life was marked by only 3 serious relationships, the last one having lasted 18 years and ended on May 1st, 2012. The raod to rebuilding my life has been a long and difficult one, filled with guilt because I can see both sides of the issue... what I had, what I lost and how much I hurted her. Only wish that I could have seen this way before to avoid this mess and keep the family together and happier.

I too wish this of my Gemini. We've been together nearly six years, however after much back & forth and constant contradiction of emotions...I am all drained out. At first it was confusion that turned to hurt, now I just wanna get out while I still can feel. Being with a (middle-child) gemini has caused me so much disappointment & loneliness, the ever-changing personas and the inability to make good on promises has exhausted my once upon a time strong resilence...

agree to that... hmmm...i guess its because im a gemini that i claim myself to be flexible. (yet firm!)

LOL - I like that. Yes, we Gemini can be very flexible, able to bend to fit the situation yet retain our "firmness" ;-) Of course, being a Gemini may also mean that we are never sure which way to bend ;-)

This posting is very true. We are crazy!! LOL <br />
You described some of my traits as well. It's rough being two people at once.

Being "two" people as is so often associated with being a Gemini, is both a curse and a blessing. In some ways it allows us to see and even debate two sides of the same problem, to see a more complete picture where most only see one side. Because of this though we are often caught in the middle, arguing with ourselves over something that should not be. Despite some of the troubles this has brought into my life, i would not want to change a thing because I like this ability, this gift, and I know that I am not alone.

Without revealing on which of my to do’s list Gemini is written but by being able to be 2 in 1 you forgot to mention intimacy with us is like having a 3’some, that intense and passionate we are, nice to meet you twin(s) of eum...

Agreed, we can be rather "interesting" to be with under the sheets ;-)

Yes we like things "different" aka kinky.

U&amp;I = 6 some Bb :p

Sounds totally like me.

lol - then we are all in good company

yeah-we'll always be able to find someone like us :)

I have the impression we are all crazy wild :)

we are ;)

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woah it's as if you are also describing me! :)

If you are like me, then allow me to offer this one piece of advice... love with all of your heart and keep your attention on what it is that you have, not what you think you are missing ;-)

yes, i'll consider that. :)

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